The poke dish was without shortage of fresh ingredients. Photo by Michaela Flonard

Bolicious brings Hawaiian poke fad to Tulsa

The new restaurant does poke well but has limited options otherwise.

For those who love raw fish in their food, there’s another spot to satisfy that urge in Tulsa. Bolicious is a poke stop that opened at the beginning of this year and features sushi burritos and side items.
Poke, or “fish salad,” is a traditional Hawaiian dish served as an appetizer. Over the past five years, it’s become increasingly popular on the mainland. Poke is one of my favorite dishes, as it combines the raw fish common to sushi with a larger variety of toppings and more food. Finally, Tulsa has two poke restaurants.
Bolicious, like most poke places, is a fast-casual type of restaurant, much like a Chipotle. You order at the counter and food is brought to you. My only qualm with Bolicious’s set-up was that you picked all your toppings at the register, which could possibly hold up the place on a busy night. There were two major divisions in their menu: whether you wanted a pre-designed bowl or to make your own. With either choice, there was a regular option (two scoops of protein for $9) and a large (three scoops of protein for $12). With a build-your-own, you choose a base, protein, mix-in, sauce and toppings. Proteins vary from raw fish, like ahi tuna or salmon, to cooked, from chicken to organic tofu. There are eight mix-ins and 16 topping options. Their pre-designed options may have more complementary choices, but I prefer the freedom of making my own.
For my bowl, I went with ahi tuna and salmon, with most of the mix-in and toppings, as well as ponzu fresh as the sauce. I couldn’t distinguish the addition of the sauce in my meal, but the fish was a smooth, cool addition, and I loved how the chunks of fish were tender and easy to chew. The regular portion was more than enough food, especially since I chose rice as the base. The chicken pieces were lightly seasoned and well-cooked, but I favored the more traditional, smoother raw fish.
Unfortunately, the menu at Bolicious is rather limited. You have your poke options and hot miso soup for food, as well as some beverages, but there’s no additional appetizers or desserts to be found. It’s also a little far from campus, near the Woodland Hills mall, so venturing down there for a rather limited selection may not be best, unless you have other plans for the night.

Post Author: Michaela Flonard