Grab yourself some face masks, Minecraft and a good book if you’re trying to relax. graphic by Conner Maggio

Positive tips to keep you calm in these trying times

It’s easy to be stressed right now about politics and college, so consider adding these activities to your regular self-care regimen. We all know that life is a little rough for just about everyone right now. Midterms just finished, grades have been handed out and some of us have found we haven’t been doing as […]

Informing doctors on the death rate associated with opioid prescription may reduce subsequent overdoses in the state. graphic by Conner Maggio

State opioid law to create doctor-patient dialogue

The new state law will help educate both physicians and patients about the risks of opioid addiction. The use of opioids in Oklahoma is growing as more patients are prescribed painkillers in an attempt to treat chronic pain. This increase in prescriptions is dangerous, however, as more Oklahomans are becoming addicted to opioids and dying […]

Bolsonaro a fascist threat to Brazilian democracy

Jair Bolsonaro’s election to the Brazilian presidency represents a four-decade political regression for the nation. Since the 2016 primaries, many Americans have criticized the toxic nature of contemporary American politics. This criticism usually focuses on President Trump, for obvious reasons. The man has gone beyond dog whistling to stoke his base and is now just […]

Uruguay transgender law represents power of protests

Uruguay’s new law protecting its transgender population is a result of decades of political protest. While the Trump administration is working to legally and medically deny the existence of transgender individuals, Uruguay stands out as beacon of progressive laws for the protection of LGBTQ communities. On Oct. 19, the Uruguayan Congress approved a law that […]

Reconciliation Way is currently only an honorary name for M.B. Brady Street, given to it in 2013. photo by Piper Prolago

Renaming M.B. Brady street sensitive to Tulsa history

The change from Brady Street to M.B. Brady Street skirts the issue of the historic racism in Tulsa. In 1898, Wyatt Tate Brady became a founding father of Tulsa, Oklahoma when he signed a charter to officially establish the new city. Born in Missouri in 1870, Brady moved to Oklahoma and married Rachel Cassandra Davis, […]

A Second Amendment rally outside the Minnesota capitol this year in which protesters openly carried firearms. courtesy Flickr

Firearms have no place in a public park

Firearms being allowed inside the Gathering Place is more about displaying power than increasing public safety. Common sense was thrown out the window this week when the Tulsa Police Department shuffled their position on open carry laws at The Gathering Place. In the past, TPD upheld the no-guns policy at the park, but they have […]

At its current $1 tobacco tax, Oklahoma has one of the lowest rates in the country. courtesy CDC

Proposed anti-smoking policy harmful to workers

The policy removes protections for workers who smoke, mostly affecting those in rural areas. Smoking and the use of tobacco is still a big issue in Oklahoma that affects many groups. The current rate of smoking in Oklahoma is 19.6 percent of the population. In addition, Oklahoma’s rate of high school smokers is higher than […]

Disney pulled their original Maui-themed Halloween costume following public controversy. courtesy Huffington Post

Socially-conscious Halloween costumes not always clear-cut

The Halloween season continues to blur lines of which costumes are culturally appropriate. Every year toward the end of October, the discussion of cultural appropriation makes its return. Halloween presents a great opportunity to dress up and go out, but all too often, the invitation of a costume can become problematic. It seems now as […]

Answering frequently asked questions about disability

Before bombarding a visibly disabled person with questions, consider how your interaction looks from their perspective. As a person with a visible disability, I get quite a few questions about this part of my life. They come from friends, teachers, classmates and even complete strangers asking about my health issues and how they affect my […]

Extensive coverage of shooters’ lives encourages copycats

News outlets are much more likely to run coverage of shooters than victims, allowing online groups to hero-worship terrorists. Earlier this month, a shooting at a technical college in the Eastern-European peninsula of Crimea left at least 20 dead and dozens wounded. Russia and Ukraine were thrust into political debates no less heated than America’s. […]