Johnson Amendment integral to separation of church and state

20 February 2017
Nathan Hinkle, Student Writer

Current political threats to the Johnson Amendment will damage the political system and hinder one’s ability to worship apolitically.

Legislators aren’t obligated to listen to voters

13 February 2017
Justin Gugliemetti, Student Writer

Voters may be frustrated if they feel that representatives aren’t listening to them, but those issues can only be rectified in the voting booth.

Governor Fallin proposes costly tax reforms

13 February 2017
Nick Rethford, Student Writer

Governor Fallin’s proposals during the State of the State Address are shortsighted fixes to large state issues.

State Question changes disrespect voters’ will

13 February 2017
Michaela Flonard, News Editor

Despite voters approving State Questions 780 and 781 in November, legislators are attempting to alter or reverse the bills’ major tenents to align with their personal beliefs.

Education bill offers insufficient teacher incentives

13 February 2017
Trenton Gibbons, Variety Editor

A proposed bill to pay off teachers’ student loans is not enough to significantly decrease attrition in Oklahoma.

Proposed divorce reform harms personal liberty

7 February 2017
Justin Guglielmetti, Student Writer

Placing restrictions on when people are allowed to divorce forces unwarranted government action onto personal decisions.

County term limits are integral for new ideas

7 February 2017
Nathan Hinkle, Student Writer

Imposing a term limit on county officials will ensure that the people in power will be representative of the times in which they live.

Leaving the UN would hurt US security

7 February 2017
Giselle Willis, Managing Editor

It is short-sighted to think that leaving the UN would be anything but inefficient and harmful to the United States’ security.

UC Berkeley rioters delegitimize education

7 February 2017
Trenton Gibbons, Variety Editor

College students, like anyone else, have the right to disagree, but should avoid silencing controversial opinions entirely.

Republicans need a repeal/delay approach to ACA

31 January 2017
Hannah Kloppenburg, Editor-in-Chief

Given the difficulty of passing a replacement for the Affordable Care Act, Republicans should be cautious to keep Americans insured during the process.