Many universities have robotics as an extracurricular activity, which can lead to long-term opportunities. courtesy Flickr

Extracurriculars help to make for a complete education

Friends made outside of lecture halls are the ones we’ll value long after we’ve graduated. It is my personal belief that the average studentry-at-large ignores the benefits and possibilities offered through extracurricular activities. The Oxford English Dictionary defines “extracurricular” as “outside the normal curriculum,” and in a college context, these activities can span from the […]

Fast-paced schedules don’t always allow for lunch. photo by Conner Maggio

Efficiency anxiety due to political and economic pressures

America’s high stakes political and economic systems take away the ability to enjoy leisure activities. I sometimes wonder what motivates me to do certain things: volunteering for an event, taking a certain course, applying for summer internships, friending someone on Facebook or adding them on LinkedIn, journaling, taking a friend out to lunch, writing an […]

Myers-Briggs personalities are identified by four-letter acronyms. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

People still value the Myers-Briggs test despite its flaws

Psychologists have largely disproved MBTI typing, but it helps people categorize thems lves in social situations. The Myers-Brigg Type Indicator originated in the early 1900s and was standardized in the 1960s by Isabel Briggs Myers, daughter of creator Katharine Briggs. It sought to create a way to properly categorize people through a standardized series of […]

The Legislative Digest

The Legislative Digest is your weekly look at the happenings of Oklahoma’s state legislature and the bills and politics you need to know In the penultimate Legislative Digest, we’re looking at bills that affect children and the elderly in disparate ways. One remains in its first committee; the second was engrossed to the Senate, meaning […]

Critics don’t take into account Nyong’o’s dedication to her craft. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Criticism of Nyong’o’s acting methods is unfounded

The controversy surrounding the “Us” actress is a byproduct of our current outrage culture. Actress Lupita Nyong’o took some heat this past week as some accused the Kenyan-Mexican actress of insensitively portraying a character with spasmodic dysphonia in Jordan Peele’s newest film “Us.” Nyong’o played two characters in the film: mother and protagonist Adelaide as […]

#1: Attendance policies should reflect course content

Students should want to come to class because of the quality of the lecture, not because of an arbitrary attendance policy. We’ve all been there: the syllabus says that any more than two absences will result in a penalty of however many points or even a dropped letter grade. Sometimes the penalties are enumerated, and […]

#3: Explain importance of block courses in liberal arts curriculum

The block courses are an essential part of the university’s liberal arts education, but students often don’t know why the courses matter. TU is a liberal arts school, meaning that its aim is to bring interdisciplinary critical thinking skills to its students. Inevitably, that means students will be taking classes outside of their major: geology […]

#4: Include email composition in college orientation classes

Just because writing emails seems like a basic skill, that doesn’t mean that everyone has mastered it. We overuse the term “hot take,” but here’s one anyway: email etiquette should be taught in orientation classes. It seems silly at first glance, because who doesn’t know how to write an email? But chances are, you don’t. […]

#6: Schedule more night classes

Night classes take place outside of regular business hours, opening up student schedules. We’ve all been there: the perfect class that you’ve been wanting to take is only offered when you’re at work, in club meetings or have to take a different, high-priority class. It’s tragic. It’s frustrating. Worse, sometimes that perfect class isn’t just […]