Legislative Digest

SB1016: This bill had the title stricken this week in committee (which means that the bill has to be reworked by the chamber, effectively giving the bill more time in the state legislature, as all bills need a summary statement at the beginning, called the title). It requires public schools that have enough money and […]

Students face a long wait when trying to print in the newly-updated computer lab at McFarlin Library. Photo by Michaela Flonard

Library computers take more time than they are worth

It can take more than 16 minutes to find a computer and print documents from the library, leaving students pressed for time. IT updated the library computer lab in September, with mixed results. On the plus side, the new study lounge is almost always in use by half a dozen students at a time. And […]

Letters to the Editor

Re: SA springs to wrong idea for Springfest I agree with the author that the “new Springfest” idea could have used some more transparent student input with additional events throughout the week to include more students who cannot attend the concert. I’d also like to add that I don’t like the way SA is marketing […]

232 prospective students attended the last Tulsa Time program. Graphic by Madeline Woods

It’s Tulsa Time for changes

Point/Counterpoint: Tulsa Time is disorganized and frustrating to prospective students, discouraging them from attending TU at all. Hordes of people swarmed TU campus for the Tulsa Time event on Monday, February 19. High school students, potential transfers and parents tramped around campus wearing badges and carrying maps with a confused look of wonder on their […]

The email that was sent out to all students with a misleading title. Courtesy Student Association

Abuse of all-school email reveals flawed system

An all-school email with a misleading title aggravated many students last week. Last week, an email titled “Student Association: Important Information,” which contained no Student Association information whatsoever, was sent to all current TU students and consisted of three students asking for votes for the “Red Bull Can You Make It Challenge.” This email is […]

Legislative Digest

The Legislative Digest is your weekly look at the happenings of Oklahoma’s state legislature and upcoming bills and the terms to know. Legislators have passed few bills thus far in the legislative session, but there are some interesting bills circulating the committees. Here’s this week’s look at what your legislators are looking at. SB993: The […]

Students protest the state of gun control in the wake of yet another mass shooting, sparking a new wave of politically-engaged youth. Courtesy New York Times

Parkland students’ bravery inspires others to stand up

I first heard about the Parkland shooting from Twitter. From one of the students inside the building. I was leisurely scrolling through my timeline when my heart stopped. “I am in a school shooting right now,” read the tweet from Marjory Stoneman Douglas student Aidan Minoff. For the first time in my life, I was […]

In 2016, the lines for Springfest events snaked around Chapman Commons demonstrating high turnouts for events other than the concert. Photo by Greg Diskin

SA springs to wrong idea for Springfest

SA cut Springfest to a single concert this year, excluding students who prefer the other events of past years or who don’t like the singer. Springfest this year consists mostly of a concert. Student Association Executive Director Catherine Aaronson confirmed that the concert, featuring Smallpools and Bebe Rexha, will be the main feature of the […]

The University of Tulsa allows a large number of AP scores to be counted for class credit, depending on the score a student receives on their test. Courtesy University of Tulsa

AP class credit rewards students for hard work

Many universities are tightening their standards for AP credits, which is a disservice to students’ bank accounts and experience. Throughout the country, participation in Advanced Placement classes is on the rise with new students every year being involved in these more difficult courses. Students are not only taking these classes at a higher level but […]