Trans-Pacific Partnership didn’t benefit American workers

31 January 2017
Nathan Gibbons, Distribution Manager

Although international cooperation has long-term benefits, the US doesn’t need to sign detrimental trade policies to that end.

SA’s funding process needs to change

31 January 2017
Nate Beckemeyer, Student Writer

Despite existing for years, the funding process for organizations is horribly complex and difficult to master, resulting in lost student money and a high turnover rate for the FAC Chair. Student writer Nate Beckemeyer outlines the process, its problems and some potential solutions.

Enlightenment Week is a model for the United States

31 January 2017
Kyle Crutchfield, Student Writer

Malaysian Student Association’s week-long event series brings hope and union to a country that desperately needs it.

Accountability committee important for Oklahoma

31 January 2017
Nathan Hinkle, Student Writer

Senate Minority Leader John Sparks’ proposition is an excellent way to handle situations like Dan Kirby’s sexual assault allegations.

Congress people should have attended inauguration

24 January 2017
Giselle Willis, Managing Editor

Although Congress members may disagree with President Trump’s policies and rhetoric, skipping his inauguration could be detrimental to bipartisan legislative efforts.

Inauguration boycott is a stand for legislators’ values

24 January 2017
Kayleigh Thesenvitz, Social Media Manager

The choice to skip President Trump’s inauguration was an important example of legislators putting their words into action.

Suicide prevention efforts should start at its causes

24 January 2017
Trenton Gibbons, Variety Editor

For years, organizations have discussed suicide, too often lacking discussion on well-being as a whole.

BuzzFeed’s low standards affect national dialogue

24 January 2017
Justin Guglielmetti, Student Writer

BuzzFeed’s decision to publish unverified information defaming Donald Trump shows a complete disregard for journalistic integrity.

Proposed alcohol tax an answer to Okla. care budget

24 January 2017
Kayleigh Thesenvitz, Social Media Manager

State Rep. Forrest Bennett’s proposed five percent tax toward the state’s health care fund is an excellent way to support impoverished Oklahomans.

No on-campus meals during break unfair

17 January 2017
Raven Fawcett, Student Writer

When residence halls are open, students should be able to easily find food on campus.