Journalist’s murder should end US-Saudi relationship

Killing the Saudi journalist is the most heinous act of Mohammed bin Salman’s career as crown prince of Saudi Arabia. The relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia has always been one rooted in mutual gain rather than shared values. The Saudis have long benefited from arms agreements with the United States, and the […]

While the U.S. government has not made major progress toward renewable energy, fossil fuels have somewhat fallen out of vogue in popular culture. courtesy Wikipedia

UN climate report damning for US corporate culture

The UN climate change report predicts an environmental catastrophe that the U.S. won’t combat. Two weeks ago, the United Nations released a climate change report commissioned by the signers of the Paris Climate Accords. The report outlines a bleak future for the planet, predicting catastrophic changes as early as 2040. The commission originally sought to […]

Marsha Johnson, whom Taylor Swift has denounced politically, speaking at the 2016 Republican National Convention. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Taylor Swift’s political statement tentatively welcome

Taylor Swift supporting Democrats in the upcoming election is a good thing, though artists acting politically is often distasteful. Taylor Swift came out … as a democrat. But if you’re anything like me, this does not necessarily feel like news. Considering all of her songs regarding girl power and empowerment, I just thought it was […]

Since the 2008 recession, Oklahoma has decreased education funding more than any other state. courtesy Together Oklahoma

State Question 801 a step toward better public education

Increasing allotted public funding is ideal for improving education, but altering pre-established funds is a viable temporary measure. Education funding in Oklahoma is still a large issue for schools across the state. In April, the state government passed a new tax bill that helped increase the pay rate of teachers by 15 percent. While this […]

Fall break possible boon to exhausted, overworked students

TU students could benefit from the implementation of a short fall break to catch their breath during the thick of the semester. Last week as I trudged around the cold campus, burdened with heavy loads of homework, tests and papers, I thought enviously of students at other schools who are on fall break. Not having […]

The monument “Dignity of Earth & Sky” in South Dakota depicts an Indigenous woman with a star quilt. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Indigenous Peoples’ Day a thoughtful replacement for Columbus Day

Considering the historical atrocities committed by Columbus, Indigenous peoples have reclaimed this eponymous holiday. This past Monday was a national holiday with two different names. Some called it Columbus Day after Christopher Columbus, the man who discovered North America for Europeans and then raped and pillaged its native population. Others called it Indigenous Peoples Day […]

Questioning Roe v. Wade has enthralled the Republican constituency in the past few decades. courtesy Flickr

Democratic Party needs reformation, relevance

Though the Republican Party has faced fire for its lack of morality, the Democratic Party needs to change its strategy to succeed. The GOP is dead. The Republican party has left fiscal, judicial and moral conservatism behind for deficit-expanding tax cuts, partisan enforcement of the law and a president with no moral grounding on any […]

Drug screening in the state does not legally protect those who test positive for medical marijuana. graphic by Conner Maggio

Okla. marijuana laws in legal gray area

Unsettled medical marijuana laws will stunt revenue growth and employment for the state until clarified. With the recent legalization of medical marijuana in Oklahoma, we need to discuss thoughts and theories on its future implications. How will we benefit? What struggles will we face? Since the law has only been voted into place this July […]

White sage, a plant needed for certain sacred Indigenous ceremonies, is a protected plant in California. courtesy Flickr

Sephora “witch kit” reductive of witchcraft

The makeup company’s “witch starter kit” commercialized Indigenous peoples’ sacred traditions. This September, makeup retailer Sephora and perfume company Pinrose advertised a shocking collaboration: a starter kit for practicing witchcraft. The kit was priced at $42 and included a rose quartz stone, nine miniature bottles of perfume, a deck of tarot cards and a bundle […]

Income and education are large indicators of a U.S. citizen’s likelihood to vote. courtesy Center for American Progress

Increasing voter registration protects democracy

To bolster high voter registration rates, the United States could emulate how European countries encourage voting. Voting rates for the upcoming midterm elections across the United States are at a extremely low rate. While the concept of the low turnout midterm election is a common theme in the American electoral process, it has hit a […]