Improve TU #5: Cross-count courses for double majors

Double majors have enough difficulty meeting their graduation requirements without taking extra, arbitrary classes. A frustrating issue that needs to be addressed in our Improve TU section is being able to double up on credits, or more accurately not being able to. It’s been historically difficult for double majors to gather all their credits at […]

Improve TU #6: Require bystander intervention training for clubs

Every club should have at least one member who has attended a Bringing in the Bystander training. Advocacy Alliance bystander training and related programming have historically suffered from low attendance. TU can engage student leaders in this programming and increase the number of informed students on campus by requiring one person from each student organization […]

Improve TU #7: Apartment rates closer to market value

The university should lower apartment rates to be closer to a semester’s worth of off-campus rent to keep students on-campus and involved in the TU community. TU could keep students in campus housing and better foster a campus community by lowering apartment housing rates to be closer to market value. Searches on and […]

Improve TU #8: Teach health and sex ed classes

Students’ health and futures are on the line when considering ways to inform them about their anatomy and safe sex. “Pulling out isn’t an effective method,” my friend said, tilting his head over a GroupMe message he was about to send. He’d meant it as a joke. Someone had said they had just pulled in, […]

Improve TU #9: Offer healthier options, hard alcohol at the Hurricane Hut

TU’s on-campus bar would flourish if they gave students a better experience with nutritious food and a better drink selection. The Hurricane Hut has a decent premise: the only on-campus dining that’s open after 9:30 (another problem for a different article) where students can use dining dollars to procure alcohol and sports bar-style cuisine. However, […]

Improve TU #10: Change the University Ambassadors’ speeches, training

To best market the university, university ambassadors’ tours need to be accurate and show off more of the university’s assets. University Ambassadors show off the University of Tulsa to prospective students; however, some of their standard tour lines should be updated or changed. -The computers are not updated every two years, as UAs tell students. […]

Improve TU #13: Accept pet fees, not expensive punishments

The university would save more money, and students would be happier, if apartments created new guidelines for legal pet ownership. Currently, there is no system that would allow students to have pets on campus. The current system pushes a fine of $500 dollars on any student, besides those in the West Park Apartments, who has […]

Improve TU #14: Grant week of leniency for parking infractions

A buffer period for parking tickets would prevent busy or out-of-town students from being punished for parking. TU should allow for a one-week buffer period at the beginning of the semester before ticketing improperly parked cars to allow students time to get their parking passes. Currently, TU begins ticketing on the first Monday of the […]