Lowering Minn. drinking age helpful despite legal challenges

In the 1980s, the drinking age was 18 in roughly half the US states. That changed when US President Ronald Reagan demanded all states raise the age to 21 or their federal highway construction money would be slashed. As their budgets were being threatened, the states naturally complied. Minnesota State Rep Phyllis Kahn wants to […]

Going off the deep end: Superfish a surprise part of Lenovo deal

Everyone knows how easy it is to accidently get some sort of malware onto your computer, especially if browsing “sketchy”-looking sites without a firewall. But until now, malware has been something that gets on your computer after you buy it. Nobody would think that a brand new laptop would be delivered with malware pre-installed. Yet […]

Reasoning behind bill is misinformed, fundamentalist

On Monday, Feb. 16, the Common Education Committee looked at House Bill 1380, which is an attempt to examine and possibly revise the guidelines pertaining to AP U.S. History. Backed by Representative Dan Fisher, this bill is specifically an attempt to prevent state funds from being used for the AP U.S. History course. Though the […]

Backpedaling on bill proves Oklahomans can influence politics

A lot of TU students were very upset when an Oklahoma legislative committee overwhelmingly voted to move forward a bill that would eliminate AP U.S. History from the curriculum of public Oklahoma high schools for supposedly emphasizing “what is bad about America.” The outrage against the bill was entirely warranted. AP U.S. History encourages critical […]

Okla. should repeal its Blaine Amendment

Americans are largely familiar with the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. It provides that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.” In common dialogue, that prohibition is generally called the separation of church and state. State constitutions can also offer provisions about the relationship between the government and religion so long […]

Okla. should not neuter Open Records Act

A bill has made it through a committee in the Oklahoma House of Representatives that would allow any public body to refuse to show documents normally made public by the Open Records Act if they deemed that showing those documents “would clearly cause excessive disruption of (its) essential function.” The Open Records Act requires that […]

Single transferable vote leaves no vote behind

The citizens of Flatland, inspired by their new presidential system, decide to revamp how representative elections are done. They do have a slight issue with a straight approval system though: it doesn’t give a way for voters to indicate that certain candidates are preferred to others; voters can only give a candidate approval or not. […]

Hepatitis C patent in India rightfully denied

Sofosbuvir, a medication intended to treat Hepatitis C, was recently denied a patent in India by means of a legal loophole. This means that the medication can be reproduced by third party companies, who can then sell it for a much more affordable price, making it available to thousands more people. Hepatitis C affects approximately […]