Former idol sparks personal reflection

8 December 2014
Hannah Kloppenburg,

Student Writer Hannah Kloppenburg shows that those who grew up with “The Cosby Show” must reconcile Cliff Huxtable’s family values with rape allegations against Cosby.

Scientists should be legally accountable to laypeople

8 December 2014
Conor Fellin,

Last issue, Nate Beckemeyer argued that juries for cases relating to science should be composed exclusively of scientists. Managing Editor Conor Fellin disagrees, claiming that doing so would give institutions of science too much power.

Improving ‘Cane Transit

8 December 2014
Vanessa Siemers,

After international and domestic students expressed interest in an improved shuttle system, Student Writer Vanessa Siemers helped ‘Cane Transit come up with a new plan.

A more strategic choice for Bridenstine

8 December 2014

Politics Writer Brennen VanderVeen believes Congressman Bridenstine’s vote for John Boehner as Speaker is a more strategic choice than last year’s opposition.

Obama’s executive action on immigration wide-reaching

8 December 2014

News Editor Nikki Hager outlines and analyzes Obama’s new program for undocumented parents of children born in the United States.