Afrofuturism: The final frontier of equality

Luke Skywalker, Captain Kirk, Jake Sully, Alan Grant, and Katniss Everdeen. These protagonists from famous sci-fi movies all have one thing in common, other than their corn-fed look: they’re all white. Out of the 100 top-grossing sci-fi movies of all time, only eight of them feature a protagonist of color. Even more damning, out of […]

Zika should be taken seriously as a threat

In 2014, the spread of the Ebola virus became a leading headline. Horrifying pictures of corpses and the living lying in bodily fluids covering hospital floors circulated the news networks, and the number of related deaths just kept climbing. West Africa was overwhelmed by the disease, and a lack of proper medical services left many […]

GMO-aversion is unjustified

The Zika virus, having become the most recent mosquito-borne illness to ravage the third world, is inspiring fear due to its potential link to birth defects. It has since likewise arisen as a hot topic for speculative articles running their rounds through social media websites, sensationalist news and crackpot health advocates. From these come a […]

HB 2797 shows Okla.’s priorities

For pro-choice supporters, the current state budget crisis has somewhat of a silver lining. Due to worries over school funding, HB 2797, or the “Humanity of the Unborn Child Act,” may not get passed. The possible failure of this bill further highlights the misguided priorities of Oklahoma legislature, and the ultimately self-defeating nature of Oklahoma […]

Improve TU: Clarify legality of hammocks across campus

A growing, popular trend across campuses all over the US is hammocking. Companies like Eagle Nest Outfitters (ENO) and Elevate Hammock Company have reported that hammock sales have doubled over the past two years. During the past few months, students have become upset due to being told that they are not allowed to hang hammocks […]

Improve TU: Bring us better bins!

Behind residence halls and dorms around campus, near the dumpsters, are recycling bins. These recycling bins are poorly designed, so much so that they have actually prevented me from recycling on more than one occasion. The entrance to put recycling into the bins is about a 6” radius hole on the top. This solution might […]