End-of-life-care burdens families

As parents grow older, it is traditional for their children to care for them by providing resources to maintain their health. However, many ailments that afflict the elderly are costly to treat and result in exorbitant medical bills. Rather than providing care that aims to enhance patients’ lives as they near the end of their […]

Controversy surrounds Indian monument

The human race has forever had an obsession with size and spectacle. Our ancestors marveled at the giants that nature provided, looking in awe at the height of the Redwoods or the towering peaks of mountains rising into the heavens. In the modern age, we have tried to emulate such marvels in the best ways […]

Kendall Hall bathrooms in disrepair

This school is amazing. Being a nationally ranked university, one would think we’d take pride in our surroundings. For the most part we do, with new buildings like Hardesty and an amazing football field. Given our university’s standing, it shouldn’t be too much to ask that when there is a concern over something needing to […]

Processed meat deemed carcinogenic, should be labeled

A recent study by the World Health Organization suggests that a high intake of red meat could possibly cause colorectal cancer, pancreatic cancer or pancreatic cancer. Other findings showed the high risk of a carcinogenic effect on those who consume large amounts of red meat. Similarly, processed meat was found to be “carcinogenic to humans” […]

BDSM has positive psychological effects

About a month ago I went to a BDSM dungeon for the Collegian, and I hated it. But I also loved it—the actions I witnessed made me very uncomfortable, but the idea that some folks engage in loving, mutually satisfactory relationships is beautiful to me. After that article was published, I thought it might be […]

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the editor: The recent article “My journey into a BDSM dungeon,” recounting the activities in a local sex dungeon, was intended as a celebration of the accompanying consensual sexual encounters. Despite assertions that this grim sexual exploitation is “beautiful,” “healthy” and “loving,” the hard truth is that no one comes out of a […]

SA’s Judicial Council should be more transparent

As it currently stands, basically all of the records involving SA’s Judicial Council are confidential. Section 7 of the Judicial Procedure states that “The proceedings, minutes, and other documents of the Judicial Council shall be considered confidential property of the Judicial Council, and cannot be released.” In practice, this means that judicial hearings are closed […]

The biological side of crime: Helpful or harmful?

When brain imaging started twenty years ago, it opened up a way for researchers to study the brains of violent people and compare them to normal ones. This new field is called Neurocriminology. It is considered to be, “an emerging subdiscipline of biocriminology and criminology in general, which applies brain imaging techniques and principles from […]

What to look for after the Republican debate

Previously, The Collegian has provided in-depth coverage for three of the current Republican presidential candidates: Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina and Donald Trump. At one time, all these candidates were at the top of the polls. Trump and Carson still are. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that any of them will be the nominee. Trump, with […]