TU gets ready to celebrate Black History Month

Programs will focus on addressing a wide range of topics related to black history and contemporary race relations. TU’s Association of Black Collegians has planned a month of programming for Black History Month. Junior Jenna Lazenby, president of ABC, explained that the programming is intended to address a variety of topics within the black community. […]

Food waste is an often-overlooked cause of pollution. Courtesy Flickr

Dining Services moves towards sustainability

On-campus efforts to go green continue in ACAC and the cafeteria. TU’s Dining Services began working hard to bring in bio-friendly, paper products in 2013. Since then, according to director Mike Neal, bio-friendly products have only become cheaper. “Wherever possible, all to-go containers and paperware on campus, including “Simply to Go,’ are recyclable, and in […]

Eye on the World

22 Indian crewmen and oil tanker missing off West Africa An oil tanker and 22 crewmen are missing in West Africa, off Benin in the Gulf of Guinea. The Panama-registered Marine Express hasn’t made contact since last Thursday. According to the International Maritime Bureau, the Benin Navy is continuing its search for the ship. A […]

National parks were just some of the public assets affected by the shutdown. Courtesy Fox News

A brief rundown on the government shutdown

The government shutdown was historic, inconvenient and avoidable. On January 20 at 12:00:01 a.m., the first government shutdown of 2018 was initiated. A disagreement over what to do regarding immigration in the Senate triggered the shutdown, which lasted three days. This is the second shutdown in approximately five years. The previous shutdown occurred under the […]

In “Freaking Laser Beams,” players use mirrors to reflect light and solve puzzles. Courtesy Global Game Jam/Alvaro Gudiswitz

TU students compete in game-design contest

TU game design and programming majors worked with other talented creators in the Global Game Jam. Last weekend, TU students participated in a programming event that took place close to home but had global implications. January 26 – 28 marked the second annual Global Game Jam Tulsa, the first on TU campus. What’s a Game […]

Saving Strays

One student’s story of rescuing a stray dog and finding it a loving home. I spent the weekend with a King. On a seemingly normal Friday night, my weekend was changed completely. I had decided to spend time with some friends at the University of Tulsa Pi Kappa Alpha House (Pike). A few of my […]

A conversation with Business Dean Sullenberger

Dean Gale Sullenberger has led the Collins College of Business since 1999. “I didn’t set out to be a college professor; I just loved going to school,” Dean Gale Sullenberger jokes. He wasn’t wrong. With masters and doctoral degrees in industrial engineering from the University of Oklahoma, he put in his hours inside the classroom. […]

Long-time TU Provost Roger Blais discusses career

Provost Roger Blais, who’s served TU since 1977, will retire after the current academic year. Roger Blais came to TU from Old Dominion University in 1977. “My department had a lot of differences and infighting, and I needed a change,” he explained. His wife, who is originally from Tulsa, did not have plans to return […]

What TU’s Office of Career Services can do for you

Director Shelly Holly discusses opportunities available to students through the Office of Career Services. The Office of Career Services is bigger and perhaps more capable than ever to help students “define and clarify goals, explore alternatives, identify options and plan a job search strategy,” according to their website. The office has a wealth of opportunities […]

The Color of Law: a hidden history of racist legislation

Visiting lecturer Richard Rothstein gives talk on the largely-forgotten history of racism in federal housing programs. In his book “The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America,” Richard Rothstein examines the history of segregation in American housing practices. As he terms it, “We need to look at the history of […]