Meltdown, Spectre and what they mean for you

Three huge computer security vulnerabilities were recently discovered which put private information nearly all computers at risk. If you own a computer, tablet, or smartphone, your devices probably have a huge security flaw. On January 3, three major computer security threat discoveries made by Google Project Zero in conjunction with a number of other researchers […]

A brief update on Okla. politics

In case your sole source for Oklahoma political news is this newspaper or you haven’t bothered to keep up with the subject since Thanksgiving, here is a brief list of what you missed. 1. On December 15, Oklahoma Watch reported that documents released by the state Department of Health included a summary of alleged deceptions […]

Eye on the world

United States President alarms many with racist comments Last Thursday, President Donald Trump sparked bipartisan outrage when he asked why he should accept immigrants from “shithole countries” like Haiti and some African nations, according to sources with direct knowledge of the conversation. His comments came during a Cabinet Room meeting intended to negotiate a bipartisan […]

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Get that job with help from TU’s Career Services

Whether TU students are out looking for jobs post-graduation or for summer internships, the process can be frustrating and expectations often seem unclear. For those of us trying to distinguish ourselves from the hordes of frazzled millennials trying to scavenge for a steady income, Art Tyndall at Career Services has provided a simple how-to guide […]

photo by Michaela Flonard

Students uncover cultural identity through masks

Student Association, the Association of International Students and the Multicultural Resource Center collaborated to show off students’ complex identities. If you happen to stop into the Multicultural Resource Center soon, you’ll see a scattering of masks lining the walls. These masks were produced for the Multicultural Identity Mask Project, in collaboration between SA, MRC and […]

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TU celebrates inaugural Native American Heritage Month

SA’s committee for diversity and multiculturalism will host several events in celebration of Native American culture, including a pow-wow. November is designated as National Native American Heritage Month, and for the first time, TU is taking part in this celebration. The celebration has been primarily organized by SA’s committee for diversity and multiculturalism, headed by […]