The Certification Struggle

Oklahoma recently revoked TU’s teacher education program’s accreditation due to two major issues: data collection and leadership. While students graduating before July 2018 will be certified teachers, other students have been negatively affected.

School administration is working to regain accreditation, but their efforts may come too late for some students. Managing Editor Michaela Flonard reports.

Eye on the World

Dam reaches breaking point in Puerto Rico Many Puerto Ricans living below a dam are moving to higher ground, as the 90-year old structure is being pushed to failure in Puerto Rico. Last Friday, the National Weather Service warned that 70,000 people may have to evacuate, and buses have been transporting people out. The governor […]

A letter from President Clancy

Students, When we encounter a situation, we need to recognize whether we are reacting or responding. It is easy to confuse the two, but they differ in important ways. A reaction usually involves an assessment – e.g., “She’s going to fall and get hurt dancing on the railing like that” or “Um, he’s in no […]

Northeastern State University loses five in tragic car crash

Sunday Sept. 17, at approximately 10:40 p.m., a Chevrolet Colorado carrying five teenage Northeastern State University students clipped a guardrail on the side of Welling Road in Tahlequah, before overcorrecting and driving through a railing on the left side of the road. The truck went off a bridge, plummeting 35 feet, and was fully submerged […]