Chasing Airwaves a hit and miss

Chasing Airwaves is an 8 track album by the local Tulsa band Tony Romanello and the Black Jackets. I almost decided to do a review of this album based solely on the cover art, because let’s face it I’m just that much of a jerk. But Chasing Airwaves is a prime example of covers not […]

USMC Jazz Quintet offers unexpectedly soulful performance

Seeing a group of Marines in their dress blues generally means you’re going to watch them take part in some sort of military exercise or march. And during the whole thing, you’re thinking of how terrifyingly serious they look, your feelings about America, or just how bored you are. Even with a band accompanying them, […]

Anomalisa’s stop motion humanizes characters

In the world of cinema, those who consistently deliver the kind of films that resist predictability are agonizingly rare. Thank god for Charlie Kaufman. Although Kaufman is more famously known for his writing, including credits for features like Being John Malkovich and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind—huge boons for established directors like Spike Jonze […]

TwentyOne+: Bourbon Dandy

3 oz. bourbon 2 oz. fresh grapefruit juice 1 oz. honey syrup* dash of Angostura bitters 4 drops mint extract 6 drops vanilla extract pinch of rosemary leaves 3 mint leaves 2 honey roasted grapefruit slices** 3 grapefruit rind twists *Pour boiling water over an equal amount of honey and stir until dissolved. **Drizzle honey […]

Room more than just a crime drama

Room begins with a mother and son’s morning routine. From exercising to taking vitamins and brushing their teeth, the film’s opening is mundane. That choice is only the beginning of Room’s genius. By starting with these simple wake-up rituals, we are shown how normal life is for Jack. This is how his life has always […]

The Void: Am I just a pawn?

My other article got canceled this week so I guess I HAVE to write a void… ya know, if I wanna eat. But I was thinking to myself, “Do I really get a choice if I write or not?” I mean I’ve never said no. I’ve never been like oh I’m too busy for a […]

Oregon militia erotica has surprising message

The other week I encountered an ebook on Amazon called Oregon Patriots Occupied My Butt. I read the title and bought it instantly (because one-click ordering is a dangerous thing). For a minute, I thought I might have charged it to my parents’ credit card, and I was very worried. But I did not, so […]

“Teach. Live. T-Town.” school bond proposed

A collaboration between Tulsa, Jenks, Union Public Schools and Tulsa Technology Center has produced a proposal known as “Teach. Live. T-Town.” This proposal was presented to the Tulsa City Council as a part of Vision 2025. Vision 2025 was a series of proposals in 2003 to raise the county’s tax rate in order to fund […]

Haven or Hell? Attendance should increase at TU bystander intervention workshops

When the topic of rape surfaces, many college students shy away from it. The word carries explicitly violent imagery—something that is objectively unpleasant to talk about. Although the stigma around sexual assault is slowly decreasing and sufferers of rape are increasingly sharing their experiences, the topic is still avoided by many students. This is not […]

Star Wars toys wrongly lack main female character

Spoiler-alert: Rey, from the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie, is one of the main characters. Spoiling this fact is what Hasbro says prevented it from making a Rey figurine in their Force Awakens Monopoly set. The game was released before the movie, and Hasbro claims “Rey was not included to avoid revealing a […]