The waste audit focused on plastic bottles and drove the committee’s efforts to reduce plastics on campus.

Kayleigh Thesenvitz, Social Media Manager

Computer science, biology and math professors have worked together to introduce the minor.

Michaela Flonard, News Editor

Since 2012, TU Dining has contributed food to the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma, a composting group and a pot-bellied pig rescue camp.

Alex Garoffolo, Student Writer

Students comment on how the law would affect their online shopping habits.

Grace McFee, Student Writer

The group We End Violence hopes to educate people on bystander intervention and everyone’s role in ending sexual violence.

Alex Garoffolo, Student Writer

The TU Leadership Experience found new ways to impart leadership skills to students.

Nick Rethford, Student Writer

On January 31, Senate chartered both Muslim American Student Association and Hillel of Northeastern Oklahoma.

Brennen VanderVeen, Student Writer

Professors who attended the University of Tulsa share their experiences as former students.

Nick Rethford, Student Writer

Here are some facts about the new Oklahoma legislative session that are important to you as a voter and student.

Kayleigh Thesenvitz, Social Media Manager

TU’s Russian Club recently screened the 2002 film “Russian Ark,” which explores Russian history in one take.

Jacob Lee, Student Writer

A set of cynical predictions for the Oscars’ Best Picture category, written by someone who hasn’t seen any of the nominated films.

Trenton Gibbons, Variety Editor

TV Heads takes advantage of the Variety section’s unbreakable rule: to always review the random CDs that are physically sent to our office. It unfortunately fails to break the mold.

Conner Maggio, Student Writer