SA charters TU Mock Trial Team

TU’s newest competitive team comes in the form of the Mock Trial Association. Those pursuing a degree in TU’s College of Law might be especially interested in the association’s competitions, where teams compete in a courtroom setting.

The teams are organized into two categories: the “lawyers” and the “witnesses.” Teammates in either category must work together; the lawyers “draft all of their examinations and opening and closing statements for court” while the witness counterparts “become familiar their witness statement, and prepare to be direct examined by their own teammate, and cross examined by the opposing team.”

The association was founded by students Austin Cotner and Cymber St. Gemme, who are the Vice President and President of the organization, respectively. The association’s faculty advisor is Daman Cantrel, who is both an adjunct professor at TU and a Tulsa district judge. Other officers include secretary Kristen Sorenson and Treasurer Joe Reichold. The organization intends to meet on a weekly basis as a team and once more every week so that partners that coordinate together.

Currently, the Mock Trial association is waiting on funding before they can obtain the resources necessary to replicate case materials. Anyone interested in joining can contact the student president of the organization at

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