Campus Crime Watch

Mar. 24 11:55 p.m. University of Tulsa Campus Security Officers responded to a fire alarm at the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity house. Officers made contact with fraternity members and discovered there was no fire. The Tulsa Fire Department responded but was canceled as soon as it was discovered there was no actual fire. Mar. 25 […]

Letter to the Editor

As the Collegian editor-in-chief who published the first the Improve TU issue back in 2014, I’m very proud to see the overall strength of this year’s edition. I am, however, quite disappointed in article #20: “D1 athletics drains Golden Hurricane.” The idea of TU moving to a lower level of athletic competition (where less money […]

Letter from SA

First off, I am humbled that the student body has put faith in me to serve as the SA Presi- dent for this upcoming year. I stand by what I said on my platform: SA will become more efficient, innovative, and sustainable. In order to achieve this, we are going to need help. We need […]

Letter from SA

A Letter from SA Part of the mission of Student Association is to advocate for the interests of the student body. We strive to create impactful programming and make intentional decisions that benefit as many as possible. That being said, we do recognize that we are just a small portion of campus. In light of […]

TU Opera hosted lively performance of “Thoroughly Modern Martha”

The performance starred a talented TU cast that gave a powerful performance. On the heels of the Tulsa Opera’s “The Stars Align” concert came TU Opera’s spring show, “Thoroughly Modern Martha,” performed on Thursday, March 8 and Friday, March 9 at the Lorton Performance Center’s Gussman Hall. There were two separate casts for this production, […]

SA is aware of and responding to the criticism that students have leveled at the event. Courtesy Student Association's Facebook

“Woman Up” fails to raise anything but questions

By focusing on appearances to celebrate International Women’s Day, SA misses the point of the holiday and disrespects women. By Nick Langston Any forward-thinking member of TU’s campus would be excited to see Student Association’s Facebook announcement of a special event in celebration of International Women’s Day, a global holiday commemorating the movement for women’s […]

Letters to the Editor

Re: SA springs to wrong idea for Springfest I agree with the author that the “new Springfest” idea could have used some more transparent student input with additional events throughout the week to include more students who cannot attend the concert. I’d also like to add that I don’t like the way SA is marketing […]

The group’s homage to Duke Ellington was rife with humor and good vibes. Courtesy Sheridan Road

“The Road to Ellington” honors the jazz legend

Duke Ellington’s legacy as a jazz master isn’t forgotten in Sheridan Road’s vocal performance, composed to the tune of some of his most famous tracks. Jazz, civil rights and composing were all a big part of the life of jazz juggernaut Duke Ellington. Exploring these themes in “The Road to Ellington,” Sheridan Road put together […]

The shimmer features the film’s only splashes of color, emphasizing its importance in the film as it sucks the life, and thus color, out of all the characters. Courtesy IMDB

“Annihilation” is mysterious, gorgeous

Alex Garland’s newest film improves upon the novel in most ways, but falls a tad short in that it holds the audience’s hand too much. “Nightmarish,” says Benedict Wong’s character, Lomax, in “Annihilation.” “Not always,” responds Natalie Portman’s character, Lena. “Sometimes it was beautiful.” “Annihilation,” Alex Garland’s recent two-hour film adaptation of the novel of […]