Congresswoman Omar’s recent tweet replying to Glenn Greenwald has sparked controversy. graphic by Conner Maggio

Rep. Ilhan Omar’s tweets criticizing Israel not antisemitic

Rep. Omar’s critique of unchecked aid to Israel has incurred bipartisan condemnation. United States Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has had a rough first three months in office. The first Somali-American, and one of the first two Muslim women, elected to Congress, she has been considered one of the rising stars in the Democratic Party since her […]

Trump declaring national emergency sets dangerous precedent

Trump has implemented the national emergency as a partisan tactic, abusing executive power. Congratulations to everyone reading this article! You managed to survive your first week since President Trump’s incoherent and meandering declaration of a national emergency, an event so harrowing that Trump needed to install a new state-of-the-art golf simulator. After all, I’m sure […]

Soccer star missing over English Channel

Nantes forward Emiliano Sala’s plane never made it to England after the Premier League’s Cardiff City purchased him for £15 million. It was a dream signing for the recently promoted Cardiff City squad when they agreed to terms with FC Nantes, a French League 1 side, for their striker Emiliano Sala. Sala had scored 12 […]

Claiming ownership over an artist and their work is an unhealthy habit. graphic by Emma Palmer

Why I was frustrated with Pitchfork’s Album of the Year

I’m having a hard time coping with Mitski’s most recent album being named number one. Okay, I have a minor confession to make. When I saw Mitski’s “Be the Cowboy” named Album of the Year by Pitchfork, I was pissed. In a sort of whiny Mitski is mine! No one else loves her like I […]

Letter to the editor

I will miss being at TU more than anyone will ever know. In my mind I didn’t do ANYTHING that egregious to merit this overreaction and I will never back down from that opinion. To all of my TU students—those from the past and those I should have been teaching now—never forget how much I […]