Like Pepe the Frog, white nationalists attempted to change the meaning of the OK sign. courtesy Flickr

OK sign not restricted to white nationalism

Though political internet groups co-opt mainstream symbols, their varying meanings still exist in a larger cultural context. With the rise of the internet and the spreading of social media, common symbols have a variety of different meanings due to their use by different groups. Because of this, symbols may gain negative connotations due to the […]

India hopefully first of many nations to legalize homosexuality

India decriminalizing homosexuality is the beginning of a global progression toward LGBTQ acceptance Many historians claim that India, previous to colonial rule, tolerated LGBTQ people. Gender fluidity and homosexuality were celebrated in mythology, and homosexuals were ignored and could do as they pleased. However, in the mid-nineteenth century, India’s colonial administration established Section 377. Section […]

“Valuable experiences” don’t replace paychecks

Unpaid internships exclude those who cannot afford to work without income and aren’t always valuable in students’ chosen fields. As an Arts and Science College student, finding paid internships is a bit more difficult than it is for students in Engineering or Business, for example. The argument in support of unpaid internships is usually the […]

Letter to the editor

I will miss being at TU more than anyone will ever know. In my mind I didn’t do ANYTHING that egregious to merit this overreaction and I will never back down from that opinion. To all of my TU students—those from the past and those I should have been teaching now—never forget how much I […]

The park borders the historic Maple Ridge neighborhood. photo by Lizzy Young

Gathering Place a nuisance to neighbors

While visiting the city’s newest attraction, be aware of how the Gathering Place negatively impacts its bordering neighborhoods. Tulsa’s newest attraction the Gathering Place officially opened to the public on Sept. 9. This 100-acre park, which cost over $400 million to build, has attracted many Oklahomans since its grand opening. I have visited a couple […]

As CEO of Tesla, Musk’s public and private actions garner a significant amount of media attention. courtesy Wikimedia

Elon Musk prioritizes business, not politics

The CEO epitomizes the American people’s desire for public figures to be perfect, both politically and personally. Over the summer, entrepreneur and investor Elon Musk has captured the attention of Wall Street for less than enviable reasons. The renowned and undeniably brilliant CEO of three successful companies in SpaceX, Tesla and The Boring Company made […]

“Parks & Recreation:” friendlier humor, female characters

While “The Office” relies on cringe comedy for its laughs, “Parks & Rec’s” sense of humor is far more affable. One of the greatest debates of the 20th century is which television comedy is better: “Parks and Recreation” or “The Office.” Both of these comedies are the brainchild of Greg Daniels and Michael Shur, filmed […]

“The Office” style of comedy superior to “Parks & Rec”

“The Office’s” brutal realism makes for a more sophisticated sitcom. If you’re anything like me, then you’re no stranger to a perennial discourse over your preferred American workplace mockumentary. “The Office” or “Parks and Recreation”: which is funnier? Which series is more consistent in quality? Which has more rewatch value and is home to the […]

image courtesy Step Afrika!

Step Afrika! a lively, informative performance

The renowned step company brought an interactive experience to our primarily white university. The world’s first dance production company dedicated to stepping, Step Afrika!, performed for the University of Tulsa last Thursday. This high-energy celebration of Black culture at the university was hosted by Student Association and the Association of Black Collegians, and was free […]