#10YearChallenge a reminder of internet data collection

The possibility of Facebook using the popular hashtag for data collection should concern participants It seems that today, our society immediately gravitates toward any hashtag that has the word challenge in it. So naturally, when the #10YearChallenge made its rounds on the internet, everyone jumped on the bandwagon and posted a current photo alongside a […]

Representative Mullin’s #BorderBeard a cartoonish form of protest

Rep. Markwayne Mullin’s #BorderBeard lacks impact as political protest and seems like a plea for attention. Oklahoma Congressional representative Markwayne Mullin is getting attention from his promise to grow out his beard until the federal government solidifies plans to build the wall along the border between the United States and Mexico. Representative Mullin explained, “This […]

Gallup reveals food deserts

Local reporting confirmed and expanded the findings on food inequality in Tulsa. Over the course of 2017, Gallup Surveys partnered with Tulsa to find out how Tulsans feel about their economic opportunities and quality of life. Last week, Fox23 News provided an overview of the survey’s findings from the finalized report for 2018. While nearly […]

The birth rate in the United States has been historically correlated with the nation’s economy courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Lowest birth rates in the nation in last 30 years indicative of global changes

Changing attitudes toward women’s education and improvement in medication have helped lower the national birth rate. Birth rates are decreasing across the United States. National Public Radio reported that the U.S. birth rate is now lower than it has been in 30 years. The general fertility rate hit a record low in 2017 at around […]

Researchers give the colorful insects a 72 percent chance of going extinct in the next two decades. courtesy Wikipedia

Monarch butterflies dying

Scientists warn of a possible extinction on the horizon for the insects. Monarch butterflies are common sights at TU. However, catastrophic drops in the populations of these iconic insects are occurring all over the United States. Monarchs migrate to California and Mexico for the winter. The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation recorded an 86 percent […]

2018 midterm elections see GOP in offices across Okla.

The midterms saw a blue majority in the House and a single Democratic representative from Oklahoma. Rarely has there been as much participation in a U.S. election as there was in these midterms. According to NPR, voter turnout hit a 50-year high. For Oklahoma, most of the state stayed red. In the House of Representatives, […]

Quick tips for surviving the holidays with your family

Heading home for the holidays isn’t always idyllic. While trying to avoid conflict this season, consider these tips and tricks. The Millennial generation is not the first to clash with their elders. It happened with the Roaring ‘20s and the beat generation in the 1960s as well. Thanksgiving and Christmas are not always a Norman […]

Carter Bradford began Pay it Forward after independently bringing food to the homeless with his friend. courtesy Carter Bradford

Student org Pay it Forward supports Tulsa’s homeless

Pay it Forward urges students to use extra meal swipes to help feed the homeless. Plenty of Tulsans cross paths with homeless people or are at least aware of their existence around town, but few do anything about it. Pay it Forward is a group of students who are encouraging their peers to donate their […]

courtesy Tulsa World

Fleetwood Mac brings rock and roll to the BOK

Though key members are now in their 70s, the band still brought the house down in Tulsa. Fleetwood Mac’s frontwoman Stevie Nicks once said in an interview, “If you can’t rock and roll, you’re old.” Apparently early 70s is not old, as the longstanding members of Fleetwood Mac who still perform together are all between […]