Trump retracting troops in Syria worries lawmakers and allies

By taking U.S. forces out of Syria, the safety of America’s allies is compromised. President Donald Trump made the announcement on Sunday, Oct. 6, that the U.S. would be pulling troops from their positions in Syria in an attempt to fulfill a campaign promise of ending the war in the Middle East. This announcement was […]

Nancy Pelosi kicks off impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump courtesy Flickr

Impeachment inquiry deepens as more evidence comes forward

Within the last week, a second whistleblower complaint has been filed and more politicians turn to impeachment. The impeachment inquiry on President Donald Trump began on Sept. 26, and within the last week it has picked up both speed and power. The first act of the inquiry was the subpoena of Secretary of State Mike […]

“Topless decision” a win for women and bodily autonomy

The response to the decision by Oklahoma lawmakers has been less than satisfactory. A federal court ruling in September made it legal for women in Oklahoma to go topless in public, but a lot of controversy surrounds the case. On Sept. 30, however, a ruling at the state level sustained that it was still illegal […]

President Donald Trump rallying in Arizona in 2016. courtesy Flickr

President Trump under heavy fire following impeachment call

A second whistleblower complaint has led to substantial movement, culminating in an inquiry. On August 12, 2019 a whistleblower complaint was filed against President Donald Trump for an abuse of power. The complaint didn’t gain traction until Thursday when a call for legislative investigation and impeachment took place. Since then, the story has been unraveling […]

The average debt per student in Oklahoma ranges from $13,052 at Rogers State University to $35,985 at the University of Tulsa. Graphic by Emma Palmer

TU ranked last in state for student loan debt

While the nationwide student debt is in the trillions, the average borrower in the state owes $25,000. For the past four years, LendEDU, a company that helps students plan and repay loans, has published a student loan debt report that offers statistics of student loans in the nation. The report gives the average amount of […]

Trump administration’s vaping ban misguided, not punitive

Teenagers are alredy addicted to nicotine, so banning e-cigs and Juuls will push them to tobacco. Vapes, e-cigarettes, Juuls — years ago they seemed like the solution to a nationwide smoking problem. Recently, however, the movement towards electronic cigarettes has received backlash due to a number of deaths of vape users and the rising number […]

Center for Student Academic Success provides vital resources

Located in Hardesty Hall, CSAS is available to help students succeed from academics to student life. The Center for Student Academic Success, or CSAS, by which it’s more commonly referred, is a center on campus whose goal is to ensure that every student is doing well in class and feels welcomed on campus. From things […]