Game of buckets, a playoff preview

Game of Thrones spoilers ahead As I write this article all I can think about is the “Game of Thrones” season premiere. I have so many questions I want answers to, but I have to write this article about the NBA playoffs so I guess I can combine the two. I’m going to compare each […]

Opening day in Tulsa

The Tulsa Drillers recently began the new minor league baseball season, playing the San Antonio Missions on Thursday. In the first game since the Drillers changed to the Dodgers’ Double-A affiliate, the new team beat the Missions 10–4. After a strong first inning by starter Chris Anderson, Brandon Dixon sparked the offense with a two-run […]

RFRA restores long-dead religious practices

Sources confirmed last week that Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act managed to restore some seriously whacked out stuff. “I was kind of hoping this bill would allow us to return to a simpler time,” said Indiana Senator Scott Schneider, who helped author the bill. “I wanted to return to a time when I was too […]

A tale of two TEDs: Cruz gives talk

As part of the TEDx talks at TU last week, President Steadman Upham announced that he had invited Texas Senator Ted Cruz to speak at the University. Everyone thought it was a joke, but no one was laughing when Cruz showed up Friday riding an oil derrick and trailed by sixteen trained elephants spraying crude […]

Top Ten Summer Activities

1. Playing in the sprinkler: When it comes to fun in the sun, nothing’s quite as good as needlessly depleting the water table and ignoring the advice of respected scientists. Looking at you, California. 2. Flagrantly abusing power: Nothing says summer fun like shooting an unarmed man eight times in the back and then planting […]