Definitive ranking of university trees

With the changing season and coming Fall Semester, there is a chance you may-ple find yourself in need of a refreshing walk around campus. Everyone feels a little stressed sometimes, so why wood-n’t you take a stroll and see these five trees we absolutely reviewed. So slow down a bit, don’t be a sap, prune […]

Freshmen not aware of amount of stress that they’re in for

It’s fall again, and that means yet another drove of woefully unprepared freshmen have arrived at TU, their eyes filled with youthful wonder and their hearts unsullied by the inevitable weight of college life. “I’m so excited!” exclaimed Britney Leibowicz, who still doesn’t quite realize what she’s in for. “I’m gonna major in nursing, but […]

A sports fan’s guide: Tulsa sports teams

If you’re new to Tulsa, and a fan of watching sports, you might be wondering where you can go to see all your favorite sports. Wonder no more! This is your guide to the different teams around the city of Tulsa. Tulsa Drillers Founded in 1977, the Drillers began as the Double-A affiliate of the […]

The Void: So you’re starting college

First off, welcome. I hope during your next few years here at Tulsa that you find The Void a place of warmth, compassion, and encouragement. Our goal has always been to inspire greatness in and to remind our readers of their importance and the meaningfulness of their lives. Should you ever feel down, stare into […]

Letter from the Head Propagandist: A dark beginning

You know… I just started this job as Head Propagandist, but already I’m having to fill my section with my own articles. It’s the beginning of school. Shouldn’t you all be more motivated? I just kind of lucked into this position, honestly. At the start of the summer, I found myself stranded on an island […]