Special Collections’ “A Study in Sherlock” displays adaptations, ephemera of the character

Tulsa University’s Special Collections, perhaps one of the campus’ more obscure departments, will soon be closing its current exhibit, “A Study in Sherlock.” The collection, if the name didn’t give it away, showcases the cultural influence of Arthur Conan Doyle’s iconic private detective. The theme of this particular exhibit was chosen by Special Collections’ three […]

Tulsa Gridiron a local and national comedic roast

Last Thursday, I attended the dress rehearsal of Tulsa Gridiron, a musical-style lampoon of yearly events, at the Tulsa Jazz Hall of Fame. The event, which occurred Friday and Saturday night, consists of individual songs poking fun at some topic around Tulsa or the country. There were political jests and jabs aplenty, Playboy bunnies paired […]

“Spirit Phone” shows Lemon Demon’s growth

Lemon Demon, the musical project of online content producer Neil Cicierega, dropped a new album called “Spirit Phone” on the music-sharing website Bandcamp last week. Most people would probably know Cicierega from his Soundcloud releases “Mouth Sounds” and “Mouth Silence,” both weird mixes of ‘80s, ‘90s and early-2000s pop music, the most well-known being his […]

The current state of comedy rap: What works

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’s new album, “This Unruly Mess I’ve Made,” opens with “Light Tunnels.” The song gives a play-by-play of Macklemore’s first Grammy appearance and victory, painting a vivid picture of a man feeling out of place in a new world. The next song, lead single “Downtown,” is about Macklemore buying a moped. The […]

“Deadpool” generic movie with more dick jokes

Perhaps I went into “Deadpool” with expectations that were too high. A product of 20th Century Fox (which by my count has made a whopping total of two quality superhero movies) with a rookie director and a lead notorious for his poor acting? The onus should have been on me to suspect that this wasn’t […]

The Bleacher Creature

Curry needs a new tagline: “Whoa” Do you remember when “The Matrix” first came out and a bunch of conspiracy theorists began saying that the Matrix was real and the movie was just the filmmakers way of letting everyone know about it? I mean, I was three when it came out so I have no […]

Tulsa wins on senior day

Nine seniors were honored before Saturday’s game against USF, as the Golden Hurricane men’s basketball team closed the regular season with a win after falling to Memphis earlier in the week. On the road facing the Tigers, Rashad Smith was unable to play for the second straight game. His absence left the Golden Hurricane with […]