US needs to recognize torture is ineffective

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) director John Brennan has announced that he will not bring back waterboarding amidst a growing spectacle of Republican candidates announcing their support for ‘enhanced interrogation techniques.’ Brennan’s public opinion regarding the CIA’s use of torture has fluctuated, to say the least. He has been an active proponent of torture techniques in […]

Autism Awareness should be replaced with Acceptance

Many world-famous monuments are undergoing aesthetic changes this month. In support of Autism Awareness Month, monuments and people bask in blue. At the same time, Autism Acceptance Month seeks to promote acceptance of autistic people, a movement started by self-advocates. Autism Speaks remains a driving force of Autism Awareness Month. Their “Light It Up in […]

Ease up on calling out “cultural appropriation”

There are some things that I can’t even believe are a debate; the answer just seems so obvious or the arguments so absurd. I find this happens a lot in sports (you mean to tell me that Barry Bonds doesn’t belong in the Hall of Fame when many other admitted cheaters and men of questionable […]

NBA Playoffs offer boring first round games

Every time around this year, the playoffs are beginning for both hockey and basketball, where many fans will be expecting to see the games ramp up and actually mean something. NBA fans might have to wait a little longer. While some of these match-ups might have some excitement to offer, the majority of them that […]

The Bleacher Creature

Farewell Kobe Earlier this year I wrote about the sad demise of NBA legend Kobe Bryant in his final season in the pros. The future Hall of Fame shooting guard, once the face of the Association with his high-flying aerial acrobatics, incredible clutch-shot making ability and personality that was a cross between a mastiff and […]

Drillers play home opener, and baseball’s back in Tulsa

The Drillers opened up the home half of their season this week playing against the Corpus Christi Hooks. Unfortunately they were swept in the three-game series. Their home opener on Thursday saw the Hooks jump out to a 9–0 lead after six before the Drillers rallied for five runs, but fell short and lost 5–10. […]

Thanks for everything, you ungrateful bastards

As the year comes to a close and I find myself in the Collegian office for the last time, I find myself filled with a strange kind of calm. I’ve been through the eight stages of grief (anger, denial, anger, bargaining, depression, anger, acceptance and anger) and now I’m filled with a curious kind of […]

I have no idea how this lasted so long, see ya nerds

My time at the Collegian can most accurately be characterized by me trying to run away and being sucked back in everytime. It all started when then Managing Editor Conor Fellin asked me to write a commentary article about the president of my old high school. I accepted, thinking “How hard could this be? I […]