TU's partnership with LIBR was born in the hopes of cultivating a university more privy to the mental needs of its students. courtesy LIBR

TU Partners with LIBR to conduct TU Tough Study

The study will compensate all participants and is in two parts, the first of which is open to all first-year students at TU. LIBR, the Laureate Institute for Brain Research, recently partnered up with the University of Tulsa to conduct research on first-year students to study the effect of psychological toughness training on a student’s […]

Kirsten Robertson is here at TU to provide additional support for students undergoing mental trauma. photo by Brooke-Lyne Holland

Alexander Health Center adds position for mental crisis response

The Alexander Health Center defines and explains their new hire’s position. Improvements are coming to the Alexander Health Center Counseling Center this semester to help students deal with stressful situations. Staff Counselor and Outreach Specialist Kirsten Robertson is here to help students at TU. Robertson went to Antioch University in Seattle and majored in clinical […]

Though medical marijuana has been legalized within the state, Oklahoma campuses haven't caught up. graphic by Raven Fawcett

Medical marijuana belongs on campus

Despite its history of misuse, marijuana should be legally available to those in need of its medicinal properties on campus. Marijuana possession is legal in most public places, including college campuses located in Oklahoma, and is also the most commonly abused illegal substance in the world. The many attempts to legalize medical marijuana in the […]