Bolton out of the House On Tuesday, following tension within the administration stemming from the failed Taliban summit at Camp David, National Security advisor John Bolton left his post at the White House. The strained relationship between Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is almost certainly the cause of Bolton’s dismissal. Whether he was fired or […]

How to become a citizen in the United States

Student writer Corina Tampubolon breaks down the process of becoming a citizen in the United States. In light of Citizenship Day on Sept. 17, what’s the exact process of becoming a citizen? The naturalization process has been a dream and a struggle for many. Although the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) agency leads us […]

Mass shooting solution: Ban people

Banning guns is out of the question, so obviously we should ban any and all targets. Congress, in its ultimate wisdom, has found a way to preserve the safety of the public. A new series of laws passed by Congress aims to prevent mass shootings by getting rid of large crowds. This means no concerts, […]

Vice President Adrienne Winchester (left), President Paige Hallam (middle) and Secretary Lauren Hill (right) welcoming new students at the Activities Fair. courtesy Women in Business club

Women in Business club celebrate female entrepreneurship

This campus organization promotes women in the workplace by inviting local businesswomen to speak year- round. Sept. 22 will mark National Business Women’s Day, which marks the establishment of the American Business Women’s Association by Hilary Bufton, Jr. The holiday, officially recognized by Congress in 1983 and proclaimed by Ronald Reagan in 1986, honors the […]

The protests started in February but have escalated since. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Hong-Kong protests against governmental authoritarianism

The extradition bill was written to counter a heinous crime; its other intentions are less admirable. On Feb. 2, 2019, while TU students returned from vacations and made their way into the groove of the spring semester, the city of Hong Kong erupted into chaos over a new extradition bill entering their legislative body. This […]

Dorian hit the Bahamas while it was still a Category 5 storm. courtesy Navy Live

Trump’s antics during Dorian a reminder of larger problems

The bickering between weather services should worry us when other disasters occur. It all began on Sunday, Sept.1 when Donald Trump went on Twitter to warn the American audience about Hurricane Dorian. In his tweet, the president wrote: “In addition to Florida – South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and Alabama, will most likely be hit […]

Wallows frontman Dylan Minette starred in the Netflix original show “13 Reasons Why.” photo by Nanee Henry

Wallows and Remo Drive bring energy to Cain’s Ballroom

Indie rock band with Netflix star frontman performs in Tulsa on last leg of their first full-length tour. High energy, fun atmosphere, killer guitar riffs: three key ingredients to a fantastic concert, and Wallows had them all. On Thursday, Sept. 12, Wallows, an up-and-coming indie/alternative rock band from California, performed for the first time in […]