Letter to the Editor: Students should join L.E.A.D

As many people have known about the tragic event that took place at The University of Oklahoma with the SAE racist chant, it was my facebook status that started a minor controversy but was still so empowering to many students. I stated, “This whole situation is why BLACK PEOPLE NEED TO STOP PLEDGING WHITE SORORITIES […]

Improve TU: Hold student leaders accountable

For the past year I have served as your Student Association President, which has been an incredible privilege. Thanks for voting for me if you did. I’ve done my best to be a good steward of your student activity fees and to advocate for the student body’s interests to administration and the Board of Trustees. […]

Improve TU: Political disengagement in Okla. breaks government

Oklahoma has been getting a lot of negative attention for its lack of civic engagement. Last week, Washington Post columnist Niraj Chokshi wrote that our state ranks at the bottom of a number of indicators including voter turnout and how often Oklahomans discuss politics. When these measures are combined, Chokshi states Oklahoma ranks higher than […]