Pearl District opts against giving back

Iron Gate is one of the most important suppliers of food to hungry people in Tulsa. In 2013, Iron Gate provided food to 309,370 people. Some context: approximately one in every six Oklahomans—and one in every four Oklahoma children—struggles with hunger on a daily basis. Iron Gate just finished fighting for the right to move […]

Stanley Glanz continues streak of incompetence

Tulsa’s sheriff, Stanley Glanz, is currently in the midst of a slough of legal troubles regarding the murder of Eric Harris. In April of 2015, Eric Harris was shot and killed by volunteer reserve deputy Robert Bates. Harris had already been subdued, and Bates has since claimed that he intended to tase Harris, but grabbed […]

Does Taylor Swift care about the industry?

The music industry is in constant flux. With so many people trying to break in, musicians have a constant question before them: how do they maintain relevance? For some, this isn’t an issue, and they create their music without any qualms or concerns. Then there are the “moneymakers.” Their primary focus is not necessarily the […]

Bad Blood: The free streaming debate

On Nov. 3, 2014, Taylor Swift pulled her entire catalog of music off of Spotify, a music streaming service. She based her decision on the fact that Spotify offers free streaming, claiming that the company doesn’t pay artists enough to justify doing so. With a planned release date of June 30, 2015, Apple Music, a […]

Kim Davis asks for reasonable religious accommodation

Kim Davis, the Democratic county clerk of Rowan County, Kentucky, is now out of jail. She had been placed there in contempt of court after refusing to issue marriage licenses to four couples, two of which were heterosexual and two of which were homosexual. She did so because of a religious objection to same-sex marriage. […]

Speak American (whatever that is)

In a recent interview with CNN, former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin made a crucial mistake in word choice that earned her a lot of flak from many news sources. The interviewer prompted Palin with the question, “Donald Trump said this week that Jeb Bush should speak English and not Spanish when he is campaigning in […]

Batteries drive future renewable energy

About 4 years ago, I had the opportunity to visit Hawaii. The island of Maui naturally has serene beaches and picturesque mountain skylines, but those weren’t what my dad and I discussed as we drove our rental car down narrow streets to the grocer. We talked about the possibility of electric vehicles. You see, Maui […]

Chinese stock market continues to plunge

After 7 years of constant development, China’s stock market turned around and plunged at the beginning of June, its worst ever drop since 2007. The Shanghai Composite index decreased 29 percent in a few weeks and the market lost 22 percent of its value in five straight days. The Government announced that it would put […]

Sobriety checkpoint: Myth or reality?

It was Saturday night and I, like a typical college student, had exciting plans. My Saturdays are usually spent cooking delicious meals with friends, slaving over organic chemistry problems, or cuddling with my bf Netflix. But this night, I had something special planned: driving through a sobriety checkpoint! If you actually read the school-wide email […]

Hardesty residents express mixed feelings

In 2014, the University of Tulsa started construction on a new residence hall. Said residence hall was to house 310 students. Students and faculty waited anxiously for the completion of this interesting new building. Finally, this mystery residence hall was ready to house eager undergrads. Hardesty Hall, named after the generous donors from the Hardesty […]