Burkini ban doesn’t make sense in western culture

One of the West’s strongest values is tolerance, and many countries do a pretty decent job of living up to that ideal. So when France bans a swimsuit simply because of the religion it represents, it only makes sense that people around the world would cry religious intolerance. However, the burkini ban and the burqa’s […]

Safe spaces damage intellectual debate

Last week, the University of Chicago released a statement to its incoming freshmen informing them that they would not be granted “safe spaces” on their college campus where their ideologies would be free of questioning. “Trigger warnings,” the advance notices before discussing a topic that it might be emotionally upsetting to some people, were also […]

Safe spaces aren’t meant to stifle ideas

The University of Chicago released a trigger warning in this year’s welcome letter to incoming freshmen that it will not support trigger warnings on campus. The irony here is appreciated. In the letter, they also condemned the use of “safe spaces”. All of this was said for the sake of “intellectual freedom.” I think we […]

We must provide sexual health aid to North Tulsa

The latest data from the Tulsa Health Department (THD) indicates that areas of Tulsa County boast STI rates ranging from 4-9x greater than the national average. The THD report asserted that in 2013, Tulsa County experienced gonorrhea rates of 200.5 per 100,000 people (double the national rate of 106.1), chlamydia rates of 545.5 per 100,000 […]

Medical marijuana petition purposefully delayed

For the third consecutive year, groups of Oklahomans are trying to legalize medical marijuana. However, the initiative may fail again. Unlike the previous two years, more than enough signatures were collected by the group Oklahomans for Health, but there is some controversy surrounding the next steps in the process. Attorney General Scott Pruitt has reviewed […]

Loss on bathrooms a win for rule of law

Last week, a judge in Texas temporarily blocked a rule by the Department of Education that required schools to allow students to use whatever bathroom facilities corresponded with their gender identities. Americans can debate whether or not that particular rule was good or bad policy. However, it ultimately does not matter if the rule was […]

Body shaming has no place in political rhetoric

Oh boy, it is an election year. You can smell it in the air: desperation and bullshit. It is also a particularly virulent, vicious election year — emotions are running high in a way that seems to be relatively unparalleled historically. Both the Republicans and the Democrats believe that the election of the other party’s […]

Letter to the Editor

Dear Mr. Mrasek, I find myself of a similar mind in our reactions to the controversy TU has recently endured: the knee-jerk deletion of an individual’s contribution, simply because they are “persona non grata” of the week. The way viral media has developed means lots of uncomfortable pressure about a particular topic can arise for […]

Okla. legislature in dire need of female voices

The good news: Oklahoma is now the 43rd worst state for women and no longer the 48th worst, which is what it was last year. The ranking comes from a WalletHub analysis, which calculated scores based on signifiers like unemployment rate for women, high school dropout rate for women, female uninsured rate and female homicide […]

Frank Ocean didn’t owe you his new album

Four years after releasing his first album, Frank Ocean finally released his new album Blonde. During the wait, however, some fans became upset with the delays in the album’s release and claimed they had been disappointed by him. But disappointed how? While fans do support artists, artists don’t owe fans anything. All art is, or […]