Improve TU: Get rid of weed out courses, focus on teaching

Weed out courses have long been a staple of science and technology degrees. Weed out courses are supposed to be very difficult to encourage students who don’t have a natural talent for a certain major or aren’t passionate enough to drop out and switch majors before they get to upper level classes. They’re used by […]

Improve TU: Arts and Sciences majors deserve respect

I think we need to change how we treat each other. I don’t always feel respected by students outside of my college who somehow think they’re better than CAS students. I’ve never been the kind of person who takes on a victim mentality—I chose to be a Communication major because it matches my personal and […]

Improve TU: Dual majors should have fewer blocks—not more

I am a student in both the College of Engineering and the College of Arts and Sciences. So let’s talk about block classes. The college of engineering does not (typically) require Block IIIs, as the engineering sciences are permeated with these types of classes. However, the college of Arts & Sciences does require them. So, […]

Improve TU: Credit rating system would improve SA funding

I recommend a credit rating system for Student Association funding. Student Association event funding currently works something like this: Your organization tells SA that 22 people will show up, and you spend $7 * 22 people = $154 on food. You request from SA to give your organization that funding. 17 people show up. By […]

Improve TU: A safe space for victims of assault

The University of Tulsa is in a unique position to lead the nation in sexual violence prevention efforts. Recent media events have drawn a great deal of attention to the alarmingly high rates of sexual violence on university campuses and send a clear message that there is a need for comprehensive programmatic efforts to address […]

Improve TU: TU should add brick pavers to 7th street

Most of the University of Tulsa campus is connected by a system of brick pavers. However, the southeast part of campus along E. 7th Street does not have any pavers and I think that area could really use it. This section of TU is heavily traversed by residents of LaFortune House, 7th Street House, Fraternity […]