London’s calling for Sarri-Ball

Student writer Chris Lierly discusses Chelsea, Coach Sarri and their relationship to the Premier League. The Summer of 2018 gave us a litany of captivating storylines before, during and after the World Cup. The Sarri-Chelsea saga, however, begins during the 2017-18 Premier League season. Chelsea manager Antonio Conte had a strenuous relationship with the club’s […]

photos by Devyn Lyon

Hurricane storms invitational

Tulsa cross country pulls off strong performance at the Hurricane Invitational. Heading into the season with a healthy team and coming off a great offseason, the Tulsa Cross Country teams prepared their course for the Hurricane Invitational. On Saturday, Sept. 1, the Hurricane runners arrived at Mohawk Soccer Complex to run an 8K and a […]

College football playoff predictions

Student writer Andrew Noland gives a comprehensive look into this year’s playoffs. Another season, another flawed method of picking our college football champion. Rather than delve into a rant on that (give me a couple of weeks), I’ll instead devote these lines to picking the top four teams that will contend for the championship in […]

How to be a freshman loser

Student writer, fitness expert and TU football player Thomas von Borstel shares his boundless fitness wisdom. It must seem really creative to adapt the title of “The Biggest Loser” TV show and apply it to my college newspaper headline. If you think that’s creative, get this: I could also tell you how to lose weight […]

Ronaldo eats Mbappe's energy as Greivious struts around. graphic by Conner Maggio

Professional sports crystal ball, September edition

Student writers Andrew Noland and Chris Lierly, Sports Editor Brennen Gray and Editor-in-Chief Justin Guglielmetti give their predictions for the coming months in professional sports. NHL Season Kicks Off with a Bang Holy zamboni, it’s almost hockey season! I know most sports fans in Oklahoma don’t really keep up with the slipperiest sport this side […]

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Jose Mourinho’s theatre of nightmares

Student writer Chris Lierly discusses the state of the Manchester United Football Club with a spotlight on the trouble brewing with its manager Mourinho. The position of manager at Manchester United holds a special place in the world of sports. Like head coach for the Lakers, quarterback for the Cowboys or pitcher for the Yankees, […]

The Bleacher Creature

We Dropping Tilted? It’s almost impossible to dislike the Little League World Series, unless you’re also a person who likes to spend their time kicking puppies and ripping the Life Alerts out of the varicose veined hands of innocent grandmothers who have fallen and can’t get up. Even if you’re a victim of the short […]

Tight laces and faster paces

An inside look into the Golden Hurricane Cross Country team and coaching staff for 2018. The Tulsa runner leans forward at the starting line. A legacy, a dynasty of championships weights on their shoulders, and they anxiously await the sound of the gun to signify the race’s start. The starting line for the American Conference […]

Can LeBron or Kawhi stop Boogie, Silver and the rest of the Warriors? graphic by Conner Maggio

Movers, shakers and Lakers

Will Kawhi lead a new team to the promised land? Did Boogie break the league? Is LABron legit? The Bleacher Creature reveals all that and more. News coverage in the NBA offseason typically focuses on superstar free-agent signings, which range anywhere from franchise-altering (think LeBron to the Heat), to league-disrupting (KD to the Warriors) to […]