TU freshman shocked that college requires schoolwork

New students at the University of Tulsa are settling into the school year, and discovering what college life is really like. One such student, freshman Carl Prodder, came to the State-Run Media with what he calls a “terrifying discovery”. “This is real talk,” said Prodder in a self-scheduled media interview, “I have come upon the […]

Hardesty Hall, TU’s monument to conformity

As you approach the terrifying ridged edifice of Hardesty Hall, a sense of dread crawls over you. Its harsh right angles and towering size press down upon you. The same dusty sandstone you find all over campus shouts at you “Conform! Conform!” And as you walk through the gaping archway that cleaves the building, you […]

TU freshman learns all she needs to know in first week

As is always the case with the start of a new semester, some new students end up in classes they can’t handle. Others start classes they ultimately find too easy. Rachel Mattingly, a freshman this year, had been extremely excited to take Intro to Philosophy. “Rachel started off really enthusiastically,” reported her professor, Soren Malchek. […]

Cesium spill creates mutant rabbit

On August 31st, university president Steadman Upham sent an all-school email informing students and staff of a spill of the radioactive material Cesium-137 on North Campus that occurred a year ago. This email seemed as if it ended the matter. However, further research revealed some interesting facts. The University admitted to the element’s involvement in […]

Letter from the head propagandist

Coming into this issue, I thought, “OK, Caitlin. Now is your time to shine. Lead this section as the funniest satire section in all of college media!” But the more I thought about it, the more I started to wonder… What is comedy, anyway? What exactly is satire, and why is it funny? You write […]

Definitive ranking of university trees

With the changing season and coming Fall Semester, there is a chance you may-ple find yourself in need of a refreshing walk around campus. Everyone feels a little stressed sometimes, so why wood-n’t you take a stroll and see these five trees we absolutely reviewed. So slow down a bit, don’t be a sap, prune […]

Freshmen not aware of amount of stress that they’re in for

It’s fall again, and that means yet another drove of woefully unprepared freshmen have arrived at TU, their eyes filled with youthful wonder and their hearts unsullied by the inevitable weight of college life. “I’m so excited!” exclaimed Britney Leibowicz, who still doesn’t quite realize what she’s in for. “I’m gonna major in nursing, but […]

University students prepare for semester of tears and anxiety

After spending his entire summer working a retail job six days a week, University of Tulsa sophomore Stephen Samson notified the State-Run Media that he is “really excited” to start the new semester. Samson expressed his anticipation at the prospect of a new source for his daily anxiety. Between nagging customers and exhaustive hours spent […]

The Void: So you’re starting college

First off, welcome. I hope during your next few years here at Tulsa that you find The Void a place of warmth, compassion, and encouragement. Our goal has always been to inspire greatness in and to remind our readers of their importance and the meaningfulness of their lives. Should you ever feel down, stare into […]