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Halsey releases “929” music video as well as deluxe “MANIC” album

There is nothing Halsey loves more than surprising fans on her birthday. Last year, prior to the release of her latest album “MANIC,” Halsey teased the album with her single “clementine” and an accompanying music video. It was a wonderful surprise, a dance through an aquarium with her and her younger brother, the choreography devised […]

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Five films to see before you die

There are a lot of amazing films from all over the world, and with the weather getting colder, now is the time for everyone to curl up and watch a movie from the warmth of their blankets. There are a few films in my life that really affected me or were just so much fun […]

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“Staged” brings enjoyment to lockdown

Are you like me and can’t get enough of David Tennant and Michael Sheen’s incredible friendship after watching “Good Omens”? Look no further because the two have reunited for a lockdown television show. The plot follows Sheen and Tennant, playing heightened versions of themselves, as the two out-of-work actors try to prepare a play for […]

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Microsoft acquires Zenimax Media

Earlier this week, tech giant Microsoft announced its acquisition of Zenimax Media. This news set the tech world alight. The $7.5 billion (yes, $7.5 billion) acquisition gives Microsoft control of some of the worlds biggest gaming studios, including Bethesda, ID Software, Arkane, Machine Games and Tango Gameworks. This gives them control of massive games and […]

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Ellen DeGeneres addresses allegations of toxic work conditions

Popular social figure and entertainer Ellen DeGeneres has been under fire recently. DeGeneres has had multiple fans, guests of the show and coworkers come out to speak on the toxic and harsh conditions the show is run under. The show, which has a light-hearted and comedic demeanor, typically consists of games, celebrity interviews, dancing and […]