Ronda Kasl faced the task of narrowing down the 300 works submitted to the about 100 now on display in the gallery. Photos by Emma Palmer

Gussman Exhibition shines light on student art

In the art department’s biggest annual event, students showcase talent in a variety of mediums. TU students needn’t travel to New York City to see a gallery cultivated by professionals from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In fact, students needn’t even travel off campus. The Gussman Exhibition, an annual art installation at Phillips Hall comprised […]

Julie Peppito’s work blends 2D and children’s toys in “Nature, Fashion & War." Photos by Madison Connell

First Friday succeeds despite inclement weather

On the first Friday of every month, the Tulsa Arts District comes to life with a slew of new galleries. Local art lovers braved almost-freezing temperatures and strong winds to see this month’s First Friday Art Crawl. The art crawl, around for over ten years, has become a staple of Tulsa. It is a free […]

Native American culture continues to thrive in Oklahoma. Citizens of 562 federally recognized tribes hold dual citizenship in the U.S. Photos by Kayleigh Thesenvitz

TU Indigenous Society hosts kaleidoscopic Pow Wow

President Clancy intends to replicate the energetic experience in future years. TU’s pulse pounded Saturday night in the Reynolds Center for the first annual TU Indigenous Society Pow Wow. A team of drummers and singers sat in a tight circle around three large drums in the center of the court, and dancers gathered around bouncing […]

“White is Relic/Irrealis Mood,” of Montreal’s 15th studio album, gets muddled in its cryptic songwriting. Courtesy Polyvinyl Record Co.

New of Montreal album conceptually flawed

“White Is Relic/Irrealis Mood” is spotted with moments of lyrical efficacy and snappy synths but finds itself burdened by bloated track lengths. The indie rock band of Montreal has been going 21 years strong under the direction of frontman Kevin Barnes. Barnes’s last decade of musical releases has found him oscillating between obscure muses and […]

The movie doesn’t betray any artistic expectations: it’s robots that fight monsters. Courtesy IMDB

“Pacific Rim: Uprising” outdoes itself with special effects

Giant monsters and robots battle in this colorful, simply entertaining sequel with optimistic themes. When the apocalypse comes, I want it to turn out like the “Pacific Rim” series. Mostly because I love the idea that when threatened with giant monsters, humanity does the most sensible thing and builds giant fuckng robots (jaegers) to punch […]

Backed with oscillating lights and a receptive audience, the Flogging Molly concert was an awe-inspiring experience. Photos by Jennifer Smith

Flogging Molly a memorable show, even for those unfamiliar with band

Irish punk rock band Flogging Molly’s concert was a heart-warming banger. Tiocfaidth ár lá! Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, Flogging Molly arrived at the Cain’s for an Irish punk rock jam on March 11, 2018. It was wild, loud and truly Irish. Rockers filled the venue to its capacity, and that was before […]

“The Bomb” multimedia piece haunts with truth

In light of TU hosting investigative journalist Eric Schlosser for the Presidential Lecture Series March 15, the university screened “The Bomb,” a film he co-produced. Investigative journalist Eric Schlosser is best known for his books “Fast Food Nation” and “Command and Control.” “The Bomb” is based on the latter. It explores the terrifying destructive power […]

The Decemberists’ new album breaks tradition

The Decemberists trade their acoustic, folky sound for a more involved, electronic aesthetic. The Decemberists have never shied away from dark subject matter, but that darkness was usually fictional, or at least came from stories that took place much further in the past. With “I’ll Be Your Girl,” the band’s newest album, lead singer and […]

Courtesy IMDB

“Ready Player One” a pretty, aimless film

Despite some nostalgic pandering and impressive visuals, “Ready Player One” lacks substance and purpose. Teenager Wade Watts, like most people in the world of “Ready Player One,” spends most of his time in the Oasis, a virtual reality world created by the deceased James Halliday. Players stand to win a fortune and control of the […]

Sylvan Esso concert passionate, infectious

Sylvan Esso swept through Tulsa in a dizzying swirl of lights, electronic beats and charisma. Sylvan Esso’s Tulsa debut featured familiar favorites from their first album (self-titled “Sylvan Esso”) and some new and catchy tunes from their most recent album (“What Now”) to a sold-out Cain’s Ballroom. After the first half hour, it was impossible […]