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Oscar Winning actor Matthew McConaughey promotes his new book about struggles, determination and finding peace.

On Mon. Oct. 26, Magic City Books welcomed Matthew McConaughey to talk about his new memoir, “Greenlights.” The bonus was that it wasn’t going to be him speaking through a screen answering questions; rather he was going to be talking to good friend Woody Harrelson. Like many of his projects, this one was personal — […]

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Stress-relieving study breaks

You would think that after months of endless, ever-present stress in quarantine, that we’d learn how to better handle stressful moments. Yet despite having survived 2020 so far, I still find myself thinking that an upcoming essay deadline is the grave, impending doom lurking in the distance. In those moments, these school stressors seem to […]

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“Do You Need a Ride” brings excitement to daily routine

Los Angeles is known for many things, including the celebrities, beach lifestyle and entertainment industry, but one major characteristic that Los Angeles is known for is its traffic. “Do You Need a Ride” features comedians Karen Killgariff and Chris Fairbanks as they drive themselves, friends and celebrities across Los Angeles and record their conversations along […]

Ariana Grande shines with latest album “Positions”

Almost a year after the ground-breaking release of “Thank U, Next,” Ariana Grande has returned with her sixth studio album, titled “Positions.” Grande’s pre-release single, also by the same title, is initially a bit of a grower, but rightfully so. It gives you a taste of what to expect, an imprint especially indicative of the […]

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Top movies of the ’80s

The 80s — what an iconic decade. We think about the neon lights, hairspray, neon colors, crazy fashion, drop dead gorgeous stars, fast paced music and, of course, the movies. Though many of us weren’t alive to witness these events going on, we can still appreciate the awesome, culturally defining movies that shaped our imaginations, […]