Some attractions draw off of historical events that happened in Tulsa. graphic by Conner Maggio

Haunted attractions to visit near Tulsa

Anna Johns rounds up the spookiest haunts to get your scare on. Hex House and Westside Grim Declared one of America’s best haunted attractions by Hauntworld Magazine, the Hex House features two attractions: its namesake and Westside Grim. Both are billed as “not your average haunted house.” Instead, the customers are touched by the actors, […]

Kanye West has been criticized for his support of Donald Trump. courtesy Denver Post

The ethics of separating art from artist

Fans’ continued support of dubious artists can lead to the normalization of abuse. In a social climate where personal lives of celebrities are inevitably publicized, the question of whether artists should be separated from their art is more relevant than ever. As more and more artists are accused and convicted of crimes, especially sexual misconduct, […]

courtesy Getty Images

Iconic Banksy painting self-destructs at auction

The graffiti artist, known for his outlandish stunts, once again surprised the public. For more than a decade, Banksy, an unidentified British street artist, has pushed the boundaries of how creativity and art are defined in an age of consumer culture. Although no one knows who Banksy really is, his simple and satirical art has […]

graphic by Conner Maggio

A list of fresh beats for Halloween vibes

A playlist to listen to by autumnal candlelight. For whatever reason, this season always makes me want to go back a few decades in terms of my listening habits. This desire to look backwards for my autumnal soundtrack is probably because the production of ‘60s through ‘80s music wasn’t quite as slick as it is […]

photos by Piper Prolago

First Friday features TU students and alumni

Tulsa art crawl takes over downtown galleries and shops. First Fridays are unique experiences that provide a glance into the arts community of Tulsa. During these monthly events, galleries and museums stay open later to showcase the work of local artists and allow free admission to visitors. These artists work in a variety of media […]

photo by Emily Every

The Decemberists concert plays to all fans

An enthusiastic crowd and the energy of the performance more than made up for the lacking setlist. I’m probably the one person on this planet who got into the Decemberists through Colin Meloy’s one solo album, “Colin Meloy Sings Live!” It’s a romp through the band’s most well-known songs until 2006, sprinkled here and there […]