Crystal Z Campbell, Eric Sall and Nathan Young. courtesy Tulsa Artist Fellowship

Tulsa Artist Fellowship brings in new cohort

The highly selective program continues to enrich Tulsa with funded arts. The Tulsa Artist Fellowship (TAF) has welcomed 27 new artists to the program this year. These applicants were selected out of a pool of around 700 other applicants from all over the country. This brings the total number of Tulsa Artist Fellows to 59. […]

“The Last Judgment” adorns the altar wall of the Sistine Chapel. courtesy LivItaly Tours

Why study abroad? A student’s perspective

Studying overseas was one of the biggest character building experiences of my time here at TU. While going through the process of applying for study abroad, take a second to step back and think about what it is that you’re actually aiming for. As the semester picks up speed, remember why it’s important to complete […]

Da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man.” courtesy My Modern Met

Dr. Thomas Martin discusses Humanism in the Renaissance

The art historian gave an illuminating talk on the intersection of historical culture and art. Renowned Renaissance art historian Dr. Thomas Martin spoke in Tyrell Hall on Monday, Feb. 4, in an event cosponsored by the School of Art, Design and Art History and the Honors Program. Martin spoke about understanding the Renaissance through the […]

courtesy the scary jokes

“BURN PYGMALION!!!” two steps from greatness

The sugary bedroom pop album could be improved with tighter melodies. The first album I listened to in 2019 was “BURN PYGMALION​!​!​! A Better Guide to Romance.” It’s a sweet release from the Bandcamp-exclusive “the scary jokes,” a bedroom pop group active since 2014. This newest album, dropped on Jan. 1, 2019, is the most […]

The artifact at the center of the controversy, the Lander Stool. courtesy Art Net News

Lander Stool raises questions of ethics in art preservation

Nigerian officials have asked for the return of the artifact, which is regarded as the first item stolen during colonization. “Black Panther” antagonist Michael Killmonger is introduced in a poignant scene that takes place in a museum intended to resemble the British Museum. Killmonger corrects a museum official about the origins of a hammer, claiming […]

Promotional art for “Sea Breeze Academy.” courtesy Verona Booksellers

TU to host concert reading of “Sea Breeze Academy”

The university will bring the young adult novel to life in a way never done before. Coming to TU for one night only is “Sea Breeze Academy: The Concert Reading,” directed and produced by TU senior and published author Bryant Loney. This event, hosted by the TU Creative Writing department and in partnership with the […]

“Akin’s Annunciation” by Aaron Coleman. courtesy Arizona State University

Artist Aaron Coleman visits Tulsa

The artist, who has worked with a variety of media, discussed how racial identity influenced his process. Growing up in a multiracial household, Aaron Coleman has found his identity in visual art through the synthesis of different aesthetics. The Henry Zarrow Center for Arts and Arts Education showed an exhibition of Coleman’s prints titled “Nothing […]

How to apply for the Gillman Scholarship

The prestigious scholarship is worth going for even with a daunting application. Understanding how to travel abroad in the summer can be hard, especially if you’ve got a heavy semester and a light wallet. If you’re in the position to travel this summer and want to maximize your vacation, consider that the option of studying […]