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Interview with Legion M co-founder Jeff Annison

The fan-owned company is unlike anything Hollywood has ever seen. In 2016, Jeff Annison and Paul Scanlan posed a question to the entertainment community that could potentially shift the balance of how we see entertainment: “What if studio executives didn’t decide what content was created?” They expounded, “What if the content was dictated by fans?” […]

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Fleetwood Mac brings rock and roll to the BOK

Though key members are now in their 70s, the band still brought the house down in Tulsa. Fleetwood Mac’s frontwoman Stevie Nicks once said in an interview, “If you can’t rock and roll, you’re old.” Apparently early 70s is not old, as the longstanding members of Fleetwood Mac who still perform together are all between […]

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“Black Hole Blues” an enlightening presentation

Janna Levin spoke on her research, and looking for meaning in the cosmos. Fumbling with her laptop to find the correct presentation mode, Janna Levin started her Presidential Lecture Series discussion disclaiming, “I’m just a theorist.” This is a bit of an understatement. Levin is a theoretical physicist working as a professor of physics and […]

The film follows Blaze Foley (Ben Dickey) and his muse, Sybil (Alia Shawkat). courtesy IFC Films

Ethan Hawke’s “Blaze” emotionally nuanced

The film observes the life of Blaze Foley and the reverberations of his work. I first heard about “Blaze” while reading Rolling Stone Country’s coverage of AmericanaFest in East Nashville. In the article, it described a set at one of the Fest’s more intimate venues, with actors Benjamin Dickey and Charlie Sexton playing the songs […]

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Nimrod Conference exciting opportunity for students

The list of authors featured at the upcoming conference is long and illustrious. The Annual Nimrod Conferences hits TU on Oct. 19 and 20. Featuring award-winning authors, the conference gives writers guidance and insight into their craft. Students will receive a largely discounted rate of $10. This year’s Nimrod Conference for Readers and Writers is […]

graphic by Conner Maggio

The ‘90s are the new ‘80s

We are now old enough to have our childhoods repackaged and sold to us. Gestalt theory has this seminal approach to thinking that defines itself with the word “Now.” There is all this screaming about end of days and then the nuclear spring in which humanity engages in the ultimate deep ecology of mass suicidal […]

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Brockhampton’s “iridescence” best listened to on shuffle

The beloved, self-proclaimed boyband returns with a new sound. The six-performing-member rap collective BROCKHAMPTON skyrocketed in popularity after last year’s “SATURATION Trilogy,” a collection of three albums titled “SATURATION,” “SATURATION II” and “SATURATION III” released over the course of 2017. This wasn’t the self-proclaimed boyband’s first venture into the music industry (that was 2015’s single […]