The group’s homage to Duke Ellington was rife with humor and good vibes. Courtesy Sheridan Road

“The Road to Ellington” honors the jazz legend

Duke Ellington’s legacy as a jazz master isn’t forgotten in Sheridan Road’s vocal performance, composed to the tune of some of his most famous tracks. Jazz, civil rights and composing were all a big part of the life of jazz juggernaut Duke Ellington. Exploring these themes in “The Road to Ellington,” Sheridan Road put together […]

The venue, while lacking in acoustics, provided ample space for the Avett Brothers and their theatrics. Photos by Sara Serrano

Avett Brothers concert a mix of dull and surprising

The Avett Brothers put on a great show for the end of the Cox Business Center’s run as a music hall. Friday, the Cox Business Center held its final concert, presenting the Avett Brothers, a folk music band from North Carolina. Going in, this was the extent of what I knew about them, so I […]

The shimmer features the film’s only splashes of color, emphasizing its importance in the film as it sucks the life, and thus color, out of all the characters. Courtesy IMDB

“Annihilation” is mysterious, gorgeous

Alex Garland’s newest film improves upon the novel in most ways, but falls a tad short in that it holds the audience’s hand too much. “Nightmarish,” says Benedict Wong’s character, Lomax, in “Annihilation.” “Not always,” responds Natalie Portman’s character, Lena. “Sometimes it was beautiful.” “Annihilation,” Alex Garland’s recent two-hour film adaptation of the novel of […]

ORU’s “She Loves Me” a plain, entertaining production

ORU’s production didn’t reinvent the wheel, instead presenting itself solidly and with humorous performances from the cast. Oral Roberts University put on “She Loves Me” March 1 through 4. As musicals go, I found this one enjoyable. The acting did a satisfactory job of telling the story, the singing was strong and the production quality […]

Courtesy Sony Pictures Classics

Best Picture nominees summed up

The upcoming 90th Academy Awards have a strong roster of Best Picture nominees, briefly summarized and detailed here. “Call Me By Your Name” What It’s About: A teen on the cusp of manhood falls in love with his father’s male research assistant over the course of the summer in Italy. Other Nominations: Actor in a […]

Courtesy University Alabama Press

Nonfiction to read if curious about ______

Editor-in-Chief Kayleigh Thesenvitz weighs in with three nonfiction books to read if you’re curious about female empowerment, global warming or poverty. If you’re curious about Native American history and female empowerment: “Cherokee Women in Crisis” by Carolyn Ross Johnston The best way to introduce this book is to quote its opening sentence: “In February 1757, […]

Courtesy Sève Films

Oscar-nominated animated and live action shorts

Animated and live action shorts nominated for Oscars face strong competition this year. Animated Shorts Dear Basketball — Glen Keane and Kobe Bryant, USA In light of his retirement, “Dear Basketball” is an illustrated love letter from Kobe Bryant to basketball. This short was incredibly visually appealing thanks to the gorgeous hand-drawn illustrations of Glen […]

“Fear and Loathing in Seoul, Tulsa” by Jini Kim shows the role Kim’s rat plays in her art. Photos by Conner Maggio

Jini Kim and Mike Teal pieces in MFA/MA gallery

Showcased in their Masters’ galleries, Jini Kim’s work stands out with its conservative use of color and Mike Teal’s pottery ranges from the simple to the complex. “My Rat Problem” by Jini Kim is an assortment of canvas paintings featuring a comic and grotesque rat. The paintings themselves are interesting in that there are usually […]

Typhoon’s new record is notable for its wispy segments of sound interspersed with brief bursts. Courtesy National Public Radio

Typhoon’s “Offerings” a concept album on memory

The rock band explores memory loss by way of musical soundscape in their fourth studio album. “Listen. Of all the things that you’re about to lose, this will be the most painful.” Thus begins Typhoon’s fourth studio album “Offerings,” a concept album that traces the lines of memory loss in dark acoustic crooning. Kyle Morton, […]

Courtesy Tulsa Opera

Tulsa Opera proves its continued relevance

Tulsa Opera’s recent performance of “The Stars Align” proved entertaining even for those unfamiliar with opera but also demonstrated opera still has some tricks up its sleeve. Tulsa Opera’s recent performance of “The Stars Align” proved entertaining even for those unfamiliar with opera but also demonstrated opera still has some tricks up its sleeve. On […]