Managing Editor Giselle Willis looks back on her four years with The Collegian, how she learned to combat apathy and how to handle news in a particularly toxic political environment.

Giselle Willis, Managing Editor

Take this fun quiz to figure out if you can be the State-Run Editor.

Sam Chott, Aspiring Onion writer

Not sure what to do at graduation? Amy Cairns gives you answers.

Amy Cairns, 7th year senior

Notable inventor Alexander Graham Bell asks your advice on getting a new phone.

Sam Beckmann, Thinks the telegram is a pretty neat idea

Vivian Apisgo, a computer science senior, hasn’t experienced McFarlin Library.

Amy Cairns, Lives in the CIS Lab

Carly Santiago is upset that local genius David Bustleman is getting most of the credit for the newly released “Dave’s App.”

Adam Lux, @LuxBux1995

Prestigious global organization xDET will provide a stage for students and faculty to present their pointless ideas.

Sam Beckmann, Thinks TEDx is pretentious

Student Association recently released new funding guidelines that modernize the process.

Sam Beckmann, Tried to spend $1000 on entertainment

Pride, HeadStrong, United Campus Ministry and TU’s Women and Gender Studies program held the event in response to the presidential election and its potential effects on healthcare.

Grace McFee, Student Writer

Student Colleen Yoder proposed a successful resolution and caused a minor stir with routine amendment proposals at the recent OSGA Congress.

Kayleigh Thesenvitz, Social Media Manager

Canadian communication professor Mark Brewin discusses the questions he was asked and the process he went through for the US citizenship test.

Alex Garoffolo, Student Writer

Mayor Bynum was inspired to run for office by his history and Tulsa’s potential.

Nick Rethford, Apprentice Editor