University announces several cost-saving measures

Last Wednesday, the University of Tulsa announced several university-wide cuts and changes to save money. Some will go into effect immediately, while others will occur after examination of the school’s budget. 43 non-faculty positions will be cut, and a hiring freeze will be in effect for all open, non-endowed university positions, meaning that 19 currently […]

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editors (and Sam Chott, in particular), I am writing in response to a story in the Collegian (#TUhonors911 misuses victims to advertise of Sep 19, 2016). While I appreciate your passion regarding tasteless and shameless marketing of 9/11 victims, I do not agree this was outcome of the tribute that took place at TU […]

Students react to Oklahoma’s newest abortion clinic

The homepage of the website reads, “Trust Women South Wind Women’s Center is proud to re-establish access to reproductive health care in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.” They opened their doors on September 10 in what they claimed was the largest metropolitan area in the US without access to reproductive health care. It was the first clinic […]

Students elect new SA Senate officers

SA’s Senate is divided into different constituencies, each of which receives a certain number of seats. Five senators are at-large. Every academic college at TU receives two senators. Every residential community receives five senators except for Greek housing, which only receives two due to fewer people living in Greek housing. Each semester, half of the […]

Fraternal Order of Police endorsement of Trump is no surprise

One of Donald Trump’s favorite catchphrases this election has been that he is the “law and order candidate,” an assertion that establishes his authority and credibility over the likes of the “crooked” — and allegedly criminal, according to Trump’s camp — Hillary Clinton. Up until now, one’s opinion of the veracity of such a claim […]

National prison strike deserves media attention

September 13th marks the 45th anniversary of the Attica prison uprising, in which prisoners discontent with their poor living conditions rebelled against the guards, a few of which were outspoken racists, in a multitude of ways. Protest began peacefully in the form of hunger strikes and other disobedient actions, but eventually culminated into the taking […]

Football rallies past Fresno State in 2OT

After trailing by 31 points, the Golden Hurricane rallied to beat the Fresno State Bulldogs 48–41 in double overtime on the road to finish off their non-conference schedule 3–1. The 31-point comeback was the biggest comeback in school history, beating out the second biggest (20 points against Oklahoma State) by 11 points. The game started […]

Men’s soccer wins two back-to-back

The Golden Hurricane men’s soccer team picked up a pair of wins this week, including a victory in their first conference game of the season. On Monday, Santa Clara came to Tulsa. The game started out well for the Golden Hurricane. They did a good job of putting pressure on the Broncos, and Rollie Rocha […]

Bleacher Creature

Was #EvenYear a Lie? It’s easy to forget now, but at the midway point of the 2016 MLB season, the most dominant team and prospective World Series favorite was not the Chicago Cubs (whose incredible early- and late-season records obscure a long stretch of mediocre baseball in between) but the San Francisco Giants. Led by […]