Courtesy Sève Films

Oscar-nominated animated and live action shorts

Animated and live action shorts nominated for Oscars face strong competition this year. Animated Shorts Dear Basketball — Glen Keane and Kobe Bryant, USA In light of his retirement, “Dear Basketball” is an illustrated love letter from Kobe Bryant to basketball. This short was incredibly visually appealing thanks to the gorgeous hand-drawn illustrations of Glen […]

“Fear and Loathing in Seoul, Tulsa” by Jini Kim shows the role Kim’s rat plays in her art. Photos by Conner Maggio

Jini Kim and Mike Teal pieces in MFA/MA gallery

Showcased in their Masters’ galleries, Jini Kim’s work stands out with its conservative use of color and Mike Teal’s pottery ranges from the simple to the complex. “My Rat Problem” by Jini Kim is an assortment of canvas paintings featuring a comic and grotesque rat. The paintings themselves are interesting in that there are usually […]

Typhoon’s new record is notable for its wispy segments of sound interspersed with brief bursts. Courtesy National Public Radio

Typhoon’s “Offerings” a concept album on memory

The rock band explores memory loss by way of musical soundscape in their fourth studio album. “Listen. Of all the things that you’re about to lose, this will be the most painful.” Thus begins Typhoon’s fourth studio album “Offerings,” a concept album that traces the lines of memory loss in dark acoustic crooning. Kyle Morton, […]

Courtesy Tulsa Opera

Tulsa Opera proves its continued relevance

Tulsa Opera’s recent performance of “The Stars Align” proved entertaining even for those unfamiliar with opera but also demonstrated opera still has some tricks up its sleeve. Tulsa Opera’s recent performance of “The Stars Align” proved entertaining even for those unfamiliar with opera but also demonstrated opera still has some tricks up its sleeve. On […]

Courtesy Gilcrease Museum

Gilcrease engages guests with “After Dark” event

The event showcased the museum’s newest gallery on Norman Rockwell’s work, gave cocktail demonstrations and brought Tulsans of all ages together. Gilcrease Museum every so often hosts “After Dark” events, a chance for the Tulsa community to visit the museum for free, generally with some interactive component and a new exhibit. This past week featured […]

A TU ENS student completely confused by art. Graphic by Madeline Woods

Art major tired of explaining what art is to ENS majors

State-Run writer presents her method for explaining art to engineering students. As someone who is bi-collegiate in the ENS and A&S college, not a day goes by where an engineering student doesn’t question my existence. Just yesterday, when I mentioned how I am also in the Arts and Science College, a classmate, Clark Johnson, remarked, […]

Mencher’s misused Kermit meme from the email. Graphic by Madeline Woods

Student sends school-wide email promoting his SoundCloud

Those who clicked the link said that Carson Mencher’s SoundCloud wasn’t even good. “This is a violation of the sacred trust between SA and students, or something like that,” said junior Maddy Garfunkel in reference to last week’s schoolwide email sent by senior SA member Carson Mencher. The email in question was sent Monday morning […]

What exact day and time will you die? (Quiz!)

There are many questions we have to ask ourselves as humans. Why are we here? What are we supposed to do with our gift of life? What used car should I buy? But with these questions, there is one that trumps them all: when can I be done with this shit? Well worry not, take […]

Men’s basketball escapes at the buzzer

Sterling Taplin had the best night of his career and led TU to another win and a season sweep of the UConn Huskies. The last time the men’s basketball team played the UConn Huskies, they barely survived a double-overtime thriller at home on the back of Corey Henderson, who hit clutch shot after clutch shot […]

The Bleacher Creature

“Shut up and dribble!” How about no, you pea-brained ignoramus. In case you’re out of the loop, the cretin in question is Laura Ingraham, a meaner-spirited and less accomplished Megyn Kelly clone who currently hosts a Fox News talk show called “The Ignorant Angle.” I’m sorry, that was supposed to be “The Ingraham Angle,” but […]