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The Blue Hues capture the attention of downtown Tulsa

On Saturday Oct. 17, downtown Tulsa’s nightly routine was invaded by the high energy mixture of synth pop, indie and rock sounds of The Blue Hues. Caleb Daniels Ricketts, Wyatt Hargrove, Celyn Grigson and Ryan Ganaban, primary members of The Blue Hues, were accompanied by Jacob Gates on trumpet, and Joshua Demetri on bass guitar. […]

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Optimal study sounds

As the semester goes on, it kind of gets hard to have peace and quiet, especially during midterms, projects and final exams. You might want music, but then you find yourself scrolling through your device, leading you to wasting time looking for the one “perfect” song. However, there’s hope. As musician and philosopher John Cage […]

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Freeform hosts 31 Nights of Halloween

The 31 Nights of Halloween that we know and love has been underway this month on Freeform. The month-long spooky celebration was originally just 13 nights, but has evolved since its debut in 1998. This year, I was impressed with the lineup, and it has not disappointed so far. Admittedly, the 31 Nights of Halloween […]

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NFL Week Six Update

Despite some changes to team policies and rules this year, the NFL season has been moving along. Games have been played, teams have been winning and losing and progress toward crowning another Super Bowl champion has been made. After the first six weeks of the regular season (not including the two games played on Monday), […]

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NBA Postseason Update

With a move to Los Angeles in 2018, LeBron James brought the hope of another championship to the southern California city who had not won one since winning with Kobe in 2010. Despite much anticipation and hope that they would win a championship in the first year that James was on the team, the Lakers […]