Rodinkova with one of the Ukranian flags she’s been adoring the school with. Photo by Alex Garoffolo

Viktoria Rodinkova continues aerobiological research at TU

Viktoria Rodinkova chose to work with TU’s prolific aerobiologist, Estelle Levetin, aided by a Fulbright grant. Viktoria Rodinkova does not rest often. Here from Ukraine on a Fulbright research grant, she studies pollen and spores for the biology department. Fluent in Russian, Ukranian and English, she has a multilingual talent set. When she leaves in […]

Tire inflation stations, bike shop fall flat

While TU portrays itself as bike-friendly, there are few places and few times to get help, rent bikes or inflate tires. As an avid biker, I never understood TU’s bicycle program: why does a campus with an army of yellow bikes, meant to be free for student use, have an air pump that doesn’t work? […]

Food waste is an often-overlooked cause of pollution. Courtesy Flickr

Dining Services moves towards sustainability

On-campus efforts to go green continue in ACAC and the cafeteria. TU’s Dining Services began working hard to bring in bio-friendly, paper products in 2013. Since then, according to director Mike Neal, bio-friendly products have only become cheaper. “Wherever possible, all to-go containers and paperware on campus, including “Simply to Go,’ are recyclable, and in […]

A conversation with Business Dean Sullenberger

Dean Gale Sullenberger has led the Collins College of Business since 1999. “I didn’t set out to be a college professor; I just loved going to school,” Dean Gale Sullenberger jokes. He wasn’t wrong. With masters and doctoral degrees in industrial engineering from the University of Oklahoma, he put in his hours inside the classroom. […]

Long-time TU Provost Roger Blais discusses career

Provost Roger Blais, who’s served TU since 1977, will retire after the current academic year. Roger Blais came to TU from Old Dominion University in 1977. “My department had a lot of differences and infighting, and I needed a change,” he explained. His wife, who is originally from Tulsa, did not have plans to return […]

The Color of Law: a hidden history of racist legislation

Visiting lecturer Richard Rothstein gives talk on the largely-forgotten history of racism in federal housing programs. In his book “The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America,” Richard Rothstein examines the history of segregation in American housing practices. As he terms it, “We need to look at the history of […]

Whistleblower bill would provide necessary protection

A new whistleblower bill, if passed, will allow state employees to file civil action lawsuits. State Rep. Bobby Cleveland introduced legislation this week aimed at strengthening the rights of whistleblowers. HB 2528 amends current statutes to allow employees who’ve reported wrongdoings the right to file a civil action lawsuit against their former employers and coworkers. […]

Graduate school applications cost more than money

Graduate school applications take time, money and emotional energy that can stress out students. Applying to grad school comes with many costs. Emotional, as in the stress it puts on applicants. Time, as in the weeks it takes to compile application components. Monetary, as in the money each application costs. Highly sought-after grad programs come […]

As a treasurer, it is Buck’s job to manage the school’s funding and to implement a strategic ten year financial plan. Courtesy University of Tulsa

An interview with Kevan Buck, TU Treasurer

The Collegian sat down with Executive Vice President and Treasurer Kevan Buck, who has helped lead TU for 17 years. Kevan Buck landed his first job in university finances as a comptroller at Ashland University in the late 1980s. After the interview, he walked to the campus library to look up the term “comptroller.” “I […]