A comprehensive list of ways to deal with Nazis

The incidents involving Richard Spencer and a few rogue fists have left many people wondering if punching a Nazi is acceptable. Well, have no fear and waste no time debating this question further. As an avid Indiana Jones fan, I have compiled a comprehensive list of ways to deal with Nazis. Running over a Nazi […]

Trump defends size of inauguration crowd

On Friday, January 20, President-elect Donald J. Trump was sworn into the oval office. The following day, President Trump issued tweets defending the size of his inauguration crowd. Press Secretary Sean Spicer followed up by claiming it was the largest inauguration crowd in US history, despite aerial photos and Washington’s mass transit ridership showing that […]

TU students march in memory of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Last Monday, TU students came together to march in Tulsa’s 38th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemorative Parade, put on by the MLK Commemoration Society. The theme of this year’s parade was “Love Conquers Hate,” and featured floats, dance troupes, bands and even motorcycle clubs coming together to remember Dr. King’s message. Over a […]

Workplace Cultures ranking highlights diversity at TU

In late October last year, Mosaic released their 2016 Top Inclusive Workplace Cultures rankings. Mosaic, as described by Executive Director Denise Reid, is “the Tulsa Regional Chamber’s diversity business council.” When Mosaic relaunched in 2010, they began coordinating their efforts to “educate, lead and influence businesses on creating diverse and inclusive workforce cultures to enhance […]

Interfaith Dinner kicked off TU’s first Enlightenment week

This Saturday, students attended the TU Interfaith Dinner, which kicked off TU’s Enlightenment week. The dinner was the spring follow-up to last semester’s Interfaith Tour. Several organizations were involved in organizing the event: the Malaysian Student Association (MASA), Student Association, Sharp Chapel, University United Methodist Church, TU Catholic Students, Muslim Student Association and Hillel of […]

Letter to the Editor

Reflections on the civil rights movement from Brian Hosmer, H.G. Barnard Associate Professor of Western American History, for TU’s 2017 MLK Day celebration. I’m 56 years old and as a young person observed the heyday of the Martin Luther King-era civil rights movement. I remember when he was murdered, and in the aftermath, trying to […]

Tulsa ranked #1 for female-owned small businesses

In late 2016, a Small Business Friendliness Survey conducted by Thumbtack named Tulsa the best city in the country for women who are starting small businesses. Thumbtack conducted interviews with female business owners throughout the country to calculate and compile the information into a study which focused on the owners’ optimism about their prospects, pay […]

Coworking space encourages businesses to cooperate

This Wednesday, Jan. 25, an old Ford Model T manufacturing plant celebrates its first birthday as a renovated coworking space in downtown Tulsa. It’s called 36 Degrees North, and it opened following a 2014 report’s conclusion that Tulsa’s entrepreneurs were lacking a physical space for development and networking. The report also declared that the entrepreneurs […]