Fresh Prints a new addition to TU’s creative side

Fresh Prints Editor-in-Chief Thomas von Borstel speaks on the new, experimental zine starting up in Tulsa. Stated to be “The People’s Zine,” “Fresh Prints” is looking for artists of every variety to aid in their call of artistic expression. All mediums are welcome, so long as they can be printed, to show the creativity of […]

State Run’s new social media transparent about sold info

The State-Run has vowed to remain clear on who we are selling out to. With the release of The State-Run Media’s new social media platform, The State-Run Social, we plan on being upfront and honest with our incredible violation of your privacy. We see that the problem with other social media is that they are […]

Attendance was up this year at the Heartland Gaming Expo along with a greater variety of booths, including Digico. Photos by Conner Maggio

Heartland Gaming Expo improves on past iterations

This year’s Expo predominantly featured VR setups and video games in development. Heartland Gaming Expo continued to gather game developers from local communities and those who are equally as passionate about gaming for remarkable presentations. Heartland had a more impressive showing than in previous years, as well as more to show than ever before, with […]

Graphic by Conner Maggio

Improve TU #23: Make ACAC, ACAC again

Allen Chapman Student Union should be renamed back to Allen Chapman Activities Center. Allen Chapman Student Union, renamed when it was renovated in 2014, is still mostly referred to as ACAC by students. Now that most everyone who went to school before this change has graduated, the name “ACAC” still continues to be used. Why […]

Apples, peaches and pear trees will all grow in Oklahoma and could be grown on TU’s campus. Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Improve TU #25: Replace cloned trees with fruit trees

Fruit trees on campus would provide students with free snacks, without costing the university additional upkeep. Many college campuses around the United States have planted fruit trees across their land, which would be a great improvement from our campus’ cloned trees, which do not actually offer students anything other than aesthetic value. As the want […]

Artist’s rendition of a field of $1 bills. Graphic by Conner Maggio

#4: Replace all grass on campus with $1 bills to reduce water usage

To conserve water, we should just replace grass with cash. Students have voiced their concerns for years now: our lawnspace is ridiculous. The university must spend at least a billion dollars on plant care, and students do not want their tuition to go toward a bunch of oxygen-producing leaves. Think about how much we would […]