New couple Bill and Lucinda bring life to an otherwise dead event on their date. graphic by Conner Maggio

Cheap dates for cheapskates

Never worry about money again with these hot date ideas. Stuck in a rut with bae? Wanting to impress that cutie in your intro class? Get the biggest bang for your buck with State-Run’s best date ideas on and around campus. Bring your date along for your required community service: Show off your love of […]

Students feel the brunt of the blunt

Harmless plant renders hundreds of students felons. During the first day of class, President Clancy delivered a stern message regarding TU’s medical marijuana policy in a campus-wide email, stating that it is strictly prohibited on campus. The public outcry was immediate. This email united students all over the political spectrum. In front of Collins Hall, […]

Adam Lux post-bus. graphic by Raven Fawcett

Letter from the propagandist

Dear State-Run citizens, I regret to inform you that the previous State-Run Media’s Head Propagandist, Adam Lux, is recently deceased. Just a week before classes started, he was found squashed into the pavement outside Campus Security’s office, flat as the State-Run’s section. Eyewitnesses claim they saw a campus bus run him over on his way […]

Courtesy Take Back the Night

Students take back the night

At the “Take Back the Night” event, crowds showed up to support victims of sexual assault and domestic abuse. Last Wednesday night, around 80 people attended Take Back the Night. This night historically ties in with marches that began back in the 1970s through Europe and America to protest violence against women. It was the […]

Julie Peppito’s work blends 2D and children’s toys in “Nature, Fashion & War." Photos by Madison Connell

First Friday succeeds despite inclement weather

On the first Friday of every month, the Tulsa Arts District comes to life with a slew of new galleries. Local art lovers braved almost-freezing temperatures and strong winds to see this month’s First Friday Art Crawl. The art crawl, around for over ten years, has become a staple of Tulsa. It is a free […]

#5: Replace ACAC with Caf 0.5

TU students are craving more food from the Caf and would much rather have a second Caf than ACAC. Almost every week ends with not enough meal swipes and too many dreaded dining dollars. However, the location of ACAC is so convenient to students that they are forced to eat at these popular chain establishments. […]

#8: Make dining dollars great again

Dining dollars don’t have enough buying power, specifically buying power for prescription drugs. Since the beginning of dining dollars, students have wanted more uses out of their meals. First, it was for access to the fast food services on the edge of campus. Next, it was to buy alcoholic beverages at the hut. Now, it […]

Buildings on campus are difficult to enter when using a wheelchair, as shown by (top to bottom): Fisher West Suites, Physical Plant and McFarlin Library. Photos by Raven Fawcett

Campus trips up people with disabilities

While the campus is mostly technically ADA compliant, TU is still not truly accessible to all. Getting a wheelchair five months ago changed my view of the world, quite literally. Not only was my line of vision now a foot or two lower, but I started noticing handicap accessibility problems that I had never noticed […]