#5: Replace ACAC with Caf 0.5

TU students are craving more food from the Caf and would much rather have a second Caf than ACAC. Almost every week ends with not enough meal swipes and too many dreaded dining dollars. However, the location of ACAC is so convenient to students that they are forced to eat at these popular chain establishments. […]

#8: Make dining dollars great again

Dining dollars don’t have enough buying power, specifically buying power for prescription drugs. Since the beginning of dining dollars, students have wanted more uses out of their meals. First, it was for access to the fast food services on the edge of campus. Next, it was to buy alcoholic beverages at the hut. Now, it […]

Buildings on campus are difficult to enter when using a wheelchair, as shown by (top to bottom): Fisher West Suites, Physical Plant and McFarlin Library. Photos by Raven Fawcett

Campus trips up people with disabilities

While the campus is mostly technically ADA compliant, TU is still not truly accessible to all. Getting a wheelchair five months ago changed my view of the world, quite literally. Not only was my line of vision now a foot or two lower, but I started noticing handicap accessibility problems that I had never noticed […]

Photo of Carter going 0 to 60 in 2.5 seconds. Graphic by Conner Maggio

TU student pulled over by Campo for speeding on wheelchair

TU student Margret Carter got out of a speeding ticket by having a wheelie contest with the officer who pulled her over. Carter said she was talking to her engineering student friends when she told them about her disappointing wheelchair specs. “It was such a disheartening moment,” said Carter’s friend and ENS student Rory Bolt. […]

The Void presents: Sexy ways to die, rated

Let’s face it, death is hot. Our readers sent in ways of dying, and I, a person who is truly dead on the inside, rated these methods on how hot I feel each method is. “Death by midterms.” Relatable, but not sexy enough. C-/10 “He ran into my knife. He ran into my knife 10 […]

Photo by Madison Connell

Hijab Day encourages cultural crossover

Hijab Day provides female students a chance to try on a garment usually restricted to members of the Islamic faith. Last Wednesday, Chateau Room C was filled with multi-colored scarves flying around being fixed to young ladies’ heads. SA partnered with the Malaysian Student Association and the Muslim Student Association to put on its annual […]

A TU ENS student completely confused by art. Graphic by Madeline Woods

Art major tired of explaining what art is to ENS majors

State-Run writer presents her method for explaining art to engineering students. As someone who is bi-collegiate in the ENS and A&S college, not a day goes by where an engineering student doesn’t question my existence. Just yesterday, when I mentioned how I am also in the Arts and Science College, a classmate, Clark Johnson, remarked, […]