TU’s rock collection rocks, two items missing

The University of Tulsa’s Geoscience Department has a large collection of rocks and minerals. Some of these are just for regular classroom purposes, but around 2005, a large collection was donated. A rough, conservative estimate would put the value of that collection at around $50,000. The collection was donated by Ed Siereveld’s family. Mr. Sierveld […]

Collegian alum publishes novel

“Neurotic newspaper reporter Mikey McNulty is in love with June Summers, and he has plans to marry her. But when fate and family have other plans, Mikey is forced to question what he wants and what he believes.” This is Amazon’s description for the novel, “It Only Got Worse,” written by TU alumni and sports […]

TYPros to host lobbying event

On Feb. 17, Tulsa’s Young Professionals (TYPros) will again go to Oklahoma City, as part of their annual Day at the Capitol. Once a year TYPros takes a trip to the state capitol and spends the day lobbying to legislators for changes they would like to see in Tulsa. Though this is advertised as a […]

“Title” nothing but catchy, soulless tracks

Is “All About That Bass” an offensive song? This seems to be the main Meghan Trainor comment/criticism/aspect of interest. This isn’t a new question/concern as any song that reaches No. 1 that isn’t mind numbingly simplistic (see Williams, Pharrell) is accused of cultural appropriation, shaming or anti-feminism. “Bass,” a song and corresponding music video seemingly […]

Choose Your Own Adventure!

It is Friday night, and you are sitting in your on-campus apartment. Your roommates are gone, like they always are, and you feel that you should do something as well. What do you do? If you want to stay in, go to paragraph 2. If you want to go out, skip to paragraph 3. 2. […]

The Void announces … the Rorschach Press

I have a proposal for an alternative student newspaper of the University of Tulsa. But before I get to that, I must tell you a bit about the article you are reading. As I write it, I have a certain interpretation of what I am getting at in this article. But my impression of what […]

Fall Out Boy records another round of misfit anthems

Much anticipated by misunderstood pre-teens and nostalgic 20-somethings alike, Fall Out Boy’s sixth studio album, “American Beauty/American Psycho,” debuted on January 20. “AB/AP” solidifies Fall Out Boy’s transition from the organic pop-punk of their origins to a more modern vision of rock. As a whole, the tracks on “AB/AP” are fairly cohesive. Gems of the […]

OK state vegetable a seedy choice

Citizens of Oklahoma, you have been misled. The watermelon is not a fruit—it is a vegetable! At least that’s what the Oklahoma State Senate decided when it adopted the watermelon (alleged cousin to the cucumber) as the official Oklahoma State Vegetable. This quirky state symbol must have come into being in the early 1900s, when […]

Gerrymandering and its discontents

Flatland has recently decided to elect a representative congress. Each district will get to send one local representative to this congress, in order to better act on the needs of the citizens. This is all well and good, but the citizens are having some trouble deciding where the lines between districts should be drawn. Eventually […]