Horoscopes 2/6/2023 – 2/11/2023

A leo full moon and Mercury crosses Pluto this week!

Aries, as the moon comes out of leo on the 6th you might feel drained. You have moved from the very compatible energy of leo into a virgo moon that requires a lot more patience and calculation than you are comfortable with. Do not lose your drive though, just focus it. The Pluto and mercury crossover will help stay focused and accomplish your goals.

Taurus, right now you can expect to feel overwhelmed. As we move out of the full moon in leo you might feel that you are not being acknowledged enough. You long for a change. Follow your instinct, try something new. This shift will help you find new connections.

Gemini, expect to feel immense relief as Mercury crosses over transformative Pluto on the 11th. Your heart and psyche have been under duress lately, but that will end after the crossover debuts in aquarius. It is a good time to break old negative patterns.

Cancer, this week you will be drawn to excess. The full moon in leo will boost your ego and dissatisfaction with the status quo. Have fun during this time, but be cautious. There is rarely enough to fully solve dissatisfaction.

Leo, this is a week of extremes for you. The full moon in leo both boosts your capacity for socializing and makes it even more exhausting. Follow your instincts to go out and be with others, but take time to decompress when needed. Your energy and power is high right now, don’t shy away from the opportunities that might bring you!

Virgo, work to stay grounded this week. Keep a routine, use your energy to move forward. Mercury crossing over Pluto will help you settle into the roles for which you have been striving. Your hard work will pay off with patience. This week has strong virgo placements, so trust your instincts and natural energy.

Libra, focus on balance. As the sign of justice, this theme is not new to your life, but you may find the issues it concerns more pressing this week. Remember to balance your busy schedule with your health. You can not accomplish everything if you are not mindful of your personal needs. Venus in pisces encourages nurturing, especially of oneself.

Scorpio, expect big things on the 10th! On this day Mercury crosses over Pluto in your solar third house. Be transparent about your needs and aspirations. Putting these things into words can help you find the correct path. This placement is known for big surprises, so watch out for something unexpected!

Sagittarius, prepare for clarity. The leo full moon on the 5th brings openness. Be aware of what may be revealed this week. You will likely find yourself closer to finding the answers you may be searching for. Use this time wisely.

Capricorn, watch your finances this month. As the sun travels through aquarius in the sector of your chart that rules money, there is a lot of potential and a lot of risk. If you are cautious there is an opportunity for prosperity. On the 10th you will be in the mood for communication. Think before you think, but do not be afraid to seek out new conversations.

Aquarius let go of unrealistic expectations this week. You may feel an emotional shift on the 5th with the full moon in leo. You are likely to feel disappointed if you try to control every aspect of your days. Understand that everyday comes with a level of unpredictability, and fighting against that will only help to exhaust yourself.

Pisces, focus on efficiency. The leo full moon on the 5th will ask you to step out of your comfort zone. As a sign most comfortable with working in the subconscious and keeping a level of disorganization in your life, you may be surprised to find yourself drawn to sorting. Use this momentum to target parts of your life you have been neglecting.

Post Author: Aurora Stewart