1: Reduce stress by reducing classes

By consolidating majors into five categories, students can avoid the stress of planning courses.

I know I’m not alone in being overwhelmed when trying to pick out classes for next year. Fluid mechanics, partial differential equations, energy conversion, the science of whatever nonsense is currently profitable, etc; it’s a lot to look at, and I only have the one major to consider! I don’t even want to think about what triple majors have to go through each semester.

TU has made great strides lately in trying to lower the stress levels of its students — TITAN, free group therapy sessions, two whole reading days — but it’s just not enough. No, I suggest a total overhaul of the way this university is run. It’s a lot of change, but if done intelligently, TU will trailblaze a path in higher education that other universities will be swift to follow.

I suggest that TU consolidate the majors it offers into five distinct categories. Chemical, electrical, mechanical, petroleum and all the other engineering majors would condense into just “engineering.” Continue that process until you’re left with just engineering, science, art, language and IDC, the last being a catch-all for people who are undecided or simply just don’t give a heck.

This change would allow classes to broaden and simplify. There would be no stress in trying to fit everything into your schedule because they would be offered all the time by the sheer number of people needing to take them. There would be no need to worry about making friends because you’d see the same people every day, every semester. Sooo many study buddies!

Even the stress of picking a major would disappear, as all you would have to do is fit yourself into a general category of person to decide. Just ask yourself, “Do I like math?” No? You can cross off engineering and science. “Did I get a C in the only music class I ever took?” Yes? Great! Welcome to the language major.

Of course, there’s always the fear of not being able to find work after graduating with such an unspecific major. But hey, you weren’t going to get a job anyway.

Post Author: Sara Serrano