Women’s season up and down

The Golden Hurricane women’s basketball team is still looking for traction as their season moves into conference play. This season, Tulsa has yet to have a winning streak or a losing streak longer than two games. Fittingly, their last three non-conference games resulted in a loss, a win and then another loss. After losing to […]

Ronald Radford: a review of Tulsa-born Flamenco guitarist

The Flamenco guitarist Ronald Radford performed for an older audience on Thursday at 7:30 p.m. at TU’s School of Music. Growing up in Tulsa as a child, he didn’t have any experience with Spanish music, especially Flamenco, until his mother brought home a vinyl record of the great guitarist Carlos Montoya. He was in love […]

“Are You My Mother?”: an existentialist fever dream

Dostoevsky: “The Lost Robin” (a very short excerpt) “Are you my mother?” the baby robin approached the dog and asked it. “No, I am not your mother!” the dog exclaimed. “If you are not my mother, then by what means do you derive the authority to tell me this?” asked the Robin, suddenly impetuous. “Indeed, […]

CIA Torture Report reveals disturbing, ineffective practices

Ineffective tortue, lying to government oversight, hacking the Senate Intelligence Committee’s computers, destroying evidence, imprisoning innocent people, providing false evidence in support of the Iraq war—the CIA has really done nothing right in regard to its torture program. The CIA has used waterboarding, anal forced feeding and keeping prisoners awake for over 180 hours (one […]

“The Interview” a gag movie, not successful satire

Making a mockery doesn’t necessarily make a difference. In recent months, James Franco and Seth Rogen’s comedy “The Interview” created a stir when its release was cancelled after parent corporation Sony was hacked (supposedly by North Korean hackers, although North Korea has denied involvement while still praising the deed). The film was eventually released in […]

The wrong policy for Cuba

Moves towards the normalization of relations and the relaxing of sanctions would rightly be less controversial and more widely celebrated had the United States achieved more in the deal with Cuba. Changing policies is a bargaining chip with the Castro regime. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything that the United States has received for doing so. The […]