Devrais-je être Charlie?

Killing is bad. So naturally, when terrorists attacked the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, killing twelve of the magazine’s staff, the world flocked to give support to the French publication. I saw an incredible amount of support go out to France and those affected by the attacks, culminating in a cadre of world leaders marching through […]

Eye on the World

Shots fired near home of U.S. VP Around 8:25 Saturday evening, several shots were fired from a moving vehicle near Vice President Joe Biden’s New Castle, Delaware residence. The vice president and his wife were not home at the time. According to the Secret Service, the shots were fired from a public road several hundred […]

OK Policy to host budget summit

The Oklahoma Policy Institute (OK Policy), which describes itself as “a non-partisan independent policy think-tank,” will be hosting a summit in Oklahoma City on Jan. 29 about the condition of the state and federal budgets. The title of the summit is “Mind the Gap: Sensible Budget Policy in Challenging Times. The first part of the […]

TU opts out of EMSAcare program

A few days before the start of the semester, residents of TU’s apartments received an email announcing that the university has opted out of Oklahoma’s EMSAcare program. EMSAcare is a state-wide program wherein an addition of $5.45 is charged to the city’s monthly utility bill to make any EMSA services free to the user. All […]

OK proposes hoodie ban

With the new year comes new legislation. One of the proposed bills in the Oklahoma State Legislature raised quite a few eyebrows across the country. Republican State Senator Don Barrington is proposing a bill that would make illegal the wearing of any hood or covering that would conceal one’s identity. Barrington claims to be “(making) […]

What has Bridenstine been up to?

On Jan. 7, the first session of the 114th Congress began. John Boehner was also reelected as Speaker. However, Tulsa-area Congressman Jim Bridenstine voted for Texas congressman Louie Gohmert. This is the second time that Bridenstine has backed another politician over Boehner. Last year he voted for then majority leader Eric Cantor. Bridenstine had originally […]

From Veracruz to Tulsa: One man’s story

My dad came in 1999, and his plan was to come and work and make some money and then go back to Mexico and start a business. He was trying to save up money so that he could go to college. He would call me and tell me stories about working at construction sites alongside […]

With DACA, fewer Oklahomans fear deportation

In a high school auditorium off of 11th and Highway 169 in East Tulsa, several dozen people listened intently as an attorney, speaking through a Spanish translator, outlined the U.S. immigration system. Once the speaker reached the subject of President Obama’s most recent immigration executive action, hands shot up across the room. The community had […]