Feature-length film with no features. graphic by Conner Maggio

“Crazy Poor College Students” to hit theaters next week

The most undercasted demographic will hit Hollywood next week. Despite being a hardworking and attractive group, college students routinely fail to get roles in major movies. The sequel to recent blockbuster “Crazy Rich Asians” will change that. “Crazy Poor College Students” focuses on the glamour of living penniless in dorm rooms. The budget for this […]

TU Theater Department brings Sam Shepard to life

A double feature of one-act plays by prolific playwright Sam Shepard was something new and enjoyable. A tragic love story and a post-apocalyptic Christmas have one thing in common: the late playwright Sam Shepard. The University of Tulsa Theatre Department brought “Fool for Love” and “Action” to Kendall’s Chapman Theatre this past weekend. This double […]

Dictator Justin Guglielmetti receiving his pictures of Spidey. Graphic by Conner Maggio

Editor-in-Chief Guglielmetti wants pictures of the Spider-man

The newly hired leader of The Collegian threatens to fire his writers if images of a certain superhero aren’t on his desk by 5 p.m. Guglielmetti has stressed the necessity for a picture of Spiderman in this week’s The Collegian paper. His insisting on photographing the superhero has caused waves in The Collegian office. The […]

Highlights of the night included Denny, played by Steve Barker, finding himself surrounded by beer cans. Cons included indulgence in the banana slip trope. Photos by Brennen Gray

Heller Theatre puts on triple feature

The Nightingale Theater hosted three plays from local playwrights, with mixed results. Local theatre fans have something to cheer about this month. Heller Theatre Company invited Tulsans to Nightingale Theater for a triple feature last weekend. HTC planned two additional showings for April 13 and 14. TU’s own Michael Wright wrote the first play of […]

An IBM drone at work. Graphic by Madeline Woods

IBM releases brain-eating drones, and that’s a good thing

The former tech giant accidentally reveals what it has been working on lately. In a stunning turn of events, International Business Machines has finally shown the public what it actually does. Since creating Watson in 2011, no one knows what IBM does anymore. The three most influential investigators in American politics — the FBI, CIA […]

Backed with oscillating lights and a receptive audience, the Flogging Molly concert was an awe-inspiring experience. Photos by Jennifer Smith

Flogging Molly a memorable show, even for those unfamiliar with band

Irish punk rock band Flogging Molly’s concert was a heart-warming banger. Tiocfaidth ár lá! Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, Flogging Molly arrived at the Cain’s for an Irish punk rock jam on March 11, 2018. It was wild, loud and truly Irish. Rockers filled the venue to its capacity, and that was before […]

#6: More 8 a.m. classes, maybe even 7 a.m.

An increase in the number of 8 a.m. classes students are required to take will improve the quality of lectures, modernize student fashion and have no ill effects on campus mental health. The beloved 8 a.m. makes its way into the average TU student’s schedule once a year or so. Some lucky students get to […]

The Kraken hanging out in her new home. Graphic by Conner Maggio

#9: Make campus less accessible for all students

Students are far too free to just walk around campus willy-nilly. Here are nine ideas to prevent students from getting around campus. The University of Tulsa campus stands as an example for mediocre accessibility. To solve this problem, the school needs to put in the effort to be extraordinary; we must make campus less accessible […]