Russian dopers caught curling

The elite junkies were seen illegally playing a sport. The Russian Doping Team found themselves amid Olympics-related controversy for the third time this decade. Last year, several dopers were caught playing Olympic sports. Officials caught two of their most elite junkies giggling down a luge run. “I just love rainbow road, man,” said professional doper […]

ORU’s “She Loves Me” a plain, entertaining production

ORU’s production didn’t reinvent the wheel, instead presenting itself solidly and with humorous performances from the cast. Oral Roberts University put on “She Loves Me” March 1 through 4. As musicals go, I found this one enjoyable. The acting did a satisfactory job of telling the story, the singing was strong and the production quality […]

TU’s performance is filled with many familiar scenes from the famous novel, accurately caputring its tonal range. Photos by Brennen Gray

Upcoming “1984” promises to delight

The play appeals to both fans of the book and those unfamiliar with the story. Don’t call this propaganda, but the TU Theater Department has done it again. Laura Skoch directs Andrew White’s adaptation of “1984” by George Orwell. I sat in on a dress-rehearsal, and the production proved fantastic. The adaptation follows the novel’s […]

Courtesy University of Tulsa

TU puts on symphonic tribute to Yevtushenko

In memory of former professor Yevgeny Yevtushenko, the University of Tulsa hosted a symphony featuring pieces composed to the tune of his poems. The University of Tulsa and the TU Symphony Orchestra paid tribute to the late Yevgeny Yevtushenko on Monday, February 12, with a symphony in Lorton Performance Center. Almost a year after his […]

“Sanguine Flow,” by Rachel Hayes. Photos by Tatum Cole

“NEW/NOW” a hit gallery with multiple perspectives

The Tulsa Artist Fellowship’s new gallery, “NEW/NOW,” features hand-picked and powerful pieces from TAF’s fellows. The “NEW/NOW” art gallery hit the Philbrook’s downtown location and remains until March 3. Each art piece comes from the Tulsa Arts Fellowship. Everyone in Tulsa should spend an hour there; it’s a must-see. I enjoyed the inventive use of […]

I wanted to show you a photo of the new logo but it was deemed inappropriate. Graphic by Adam Lux

Cleveland Indians to replace Chief Wahoo with more racist logo

Fans speculate over what the baseball team’s new, even more racist, logo will be. People have long worried that the infamous Chief Wahoo is too politically correct. The Indians General Manager is finally changing this. “We need to step up the racism around here,” he said. “I mean, we barely offend 10 percent of the […]

Bruno Mars wins every award possible because he deserves them

The R&B singer wins a Nobel Prize, Fields Medal and the Women’s Caucus for Art Lifetime Achievement award. In light of Bruno Mars picking up a completely deserved six Grammys last week, the world needs to know a few more recent awards Mars has received. For example, many would argue that he was even more […]

The event exuded casualness, with backlogs of zines stacked on benches and free for the taking. Photo by Ethan Veenker

Tulsa Zine Night a niche, underground experience

Prominent in Tulsa’s underground literary scene, Broken Thumb Press hosts Tulsa Zine Night annually in an effort to bring zines to the forefront of Tulsa’s art culture. The pH Community House is tucked away at the end of a neighborhood on Phoenix Avenue. Featuring a mural of a koi fish on its north wall, the […]

“Evita” a surprisingly emotional experience

The biographical musical of an Argentine president’s wife, “Evita” provided an array of emotions: from humor, to wonder, to heartbreak. These last couple of years have seen the deaths of some of the most beloved celebrities, and with Oprah recently becoming a tentative candidate for president, the story of Eva Perón makes more sense now […]