Fish Bowl to be converted into e-sports arena

The space will serve as a lounge for gamers and will house up to 20 high-end gaming stations. The garage-like room at the entrance to the Pat Case Dining Center will be converted into an area for e-sports, or competitive video gaming, next year. Dr. Melissa France, the associate vice president for enrollment and student […]

Goldie slays sleepy students in the “Hunger Games” therapy group. graphic by Conner Maggio

#5: Create more YA therapy groups

Head back to the excitement of your childhood by joining therapy groups based on popular dystopian YA novels. Let’s make more YA (young adult) novel-themed therapy groups. Bring on the love triangles, dystopian societies and identity-based factions! Admittedly, the “Harry Potter”-themed group therapy idea was brilliant, and the positive effects it had on students should […]

Goldie sits on the throne of broken printer carcasses set to be installed if this improvement is implemented. graphic by Conner Maggio

#7: More computers, fewer printers, more chaos

The new proposed computer lab would contain a maze of computers with two printers on a pedestal in the middle. What is the deal will all these printers? The University of Tulsa boasts a total undergraduate population of 3,343, according to their website, and the four printers in the entire McFarlin computer lounge mean there […]

New advertising flaunts the store’s inclusive reputation. graphic by Conner Maggio

“Ye Olde” racism absent from historical store

People flock to this unique antique store that only sells progressive historical items. An antique store by the name of Ye Olde Shoppe in Chattanooga, Tennessee, has been found to not carry a single racist product. While many Americans won’t care, since it is acceptable for antique shops to have racist merchandise in this country, […]

New movie poster for a documentary about the Tulsa Driller and his recent kills. graphic by Conner Maggio

Tulsa Driller sealed away for our safety

Oral Roberts clerics preserve Tulsa’s shrine to the oil business for another 1,000 years. The Demon Driller, after a difficult battle waged by level 20 clerics from Oral Roberts University, has been sealed inside the massive landmark of Expo Square known as The Tulsa Golden Driller yet again. Tulsa is now safe from the unmatched […]

Where is all this bigotry coming from?

Prejudice died decades ago, yet here we are, in the midst of a Racism Renaissance. Since everyone knows that racism totally ended when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. marched on Washington in 1963, modern Americans are baffled as to where all this current racism is coming from. Just look at the country. Mexicans are apparently […]

Campus Climate Survey inspires change on campus

The researchers behind the CCS credit it for the university’s new Title IX Coordinator as well as other preventative measures on campus. As the Campus Climate Survey circulates around TU, those who want to promote safety on campus hope that the survey proves an effective way to protect all students on campus. TITAN (the University […]

The Tulsa Thought Initiative intends to host two or three events a semester. courtesy Tulsa Thought Initiative

Tulsa Thought Initiative brings Mayor Bynum to TU

Along with Warren Ross of the Ross Group, the Tulsa mayor discussed the city’s humble beginnings and potential for future growth. The Tulsa Thought Initiative brought Mayor G.T. Bynum to speak in Tyrrell Hall on the topic of developing Tulsa on Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2019. The event was entitled “Tulsa Tomorrow.” Stephen McDonald, a member […]

With Brennen Gray as the Feature Creature Brow-Beaten I’m not usually one of those guys who throws up his hands and dramatically proclaims that he’s DONE with his favorite sport because of some displeasing development. But Anthony Davis is testing me. Once one of my favorite non-Celtics, his shameless attempt to force the Pelicans to […]