Second semester freshmen anger, annoy

The newly emboldened second semester freshman are way too confident in their ability to be successful in college to the annoyance to everyone else. As classes start back up a new breed of college student joins us: the second semester freshman. Because of these overconfident, self-concerned brats, upperclassmen are now terrified to hang out anywhere […]

graphic by Madeline Woods

Man fixes superiority complex by asking girl with Nirvana shirt who Kurt Cobain is

Using the magic of musical snobbery, one local man was able to cure his superiority complex. A small miracle occurred last week when local TU douche-canoe Chaz Cardwick was transformed into a lovable, accepting guy due to one small act. Cardwick is known for being “knowledgeable about music” or, in layman’s terms, he only likes […]

graphic by Madeline Woods

Male-feminist club tries to buy anime boob mousepads with SA funds

A few self-proclaimed “fmale feminists” are facing opposition in SA against starting their new feminist-focused anime club Recently, SA was forced to not charter a club. The group, headed by Joseph Worlock, was an anime-inspired male feminist club and encountered heat from SA about their true intentions. Worlock begun the club with his two friends, […]

Woman questions her boyfriend’s “equalist” stance

In light of friends’ experiences with her boyfriend, Amanda Smith almost realizes that just because someone calls himself an equalist doesn’t make him a nice guy. Amanda Smith, a sophomore chemical engineering student at the University of Tulsa, broke down in tears Wednesday after returning from the mall. Her boyfriend of three weeks, Brad Donald, […]

Have TU’s sexual assault prevention efforts gone too far?: Have TU’s sexual assault prevention efforts gone too far?

Students complain that all this interest in preventing sexual violence is really bumming them out. Many students are applauding the University of Tulsa’s recent efforts renewing their commitment to sexual assault prevention. However, several young men on campus have complained that the revamped policies are discriminatory and severally interfere with their collegiate learning experience. Hugo […]

20 last minute costume ideas

What’s even scarier than ghosts, zombies and axe murderers? Responsibility! So for those of you who are just now getting those Halloween costumes, we got you covered.