Improve TU #17: Cut the shit: Improve TU’s toilets

While functional, some bathrooms on campus aren’t necessarily places you want to use. A wise sports editor once said, “You can judge an establishment based on the quality of its restrooms.” To be fair, I was commenting on one of my grandparents’ favorite burger joints rather than a university, but I feel that the point […]

Improve TU #20: D1 athletics drains Golden Hurricane

D1 athletics often cost schools more money than they make and don’t serve as a draw for potential or current students. Schools that have D1 athletics absolutely love to point out that they have D1 athletics. They love talking to parents and potential students about D1 athletics, they love having one whole ad (!) air […]

The Bleacher Creature

Justice for Jean! I hate Michigan. Not the state, which I’m told has at least a few decent people. No, I’m talking about the university basketball team, with their pretentious-ass blue and maize uniforms (come on, who uses a color named after corn?), which has done nothing less than suck all the joy and goodness […]

Crystal (base)ball, AL edition

Sports editor Justin Guglielmetti and student writer Zane Cawthon tell you exactly what is going to happen in the American League in 2018. Stay tuned next for our take on the NL. East New York Yankees: You’ve got to love it when your favorite teams are good enough for you to tout them without being […]

Professors’ social media presence can be a great way to connect with friends and colleagues or a way for students to pry into their personal lives. Graphic by Madeline Woods

Point/counterpoint: Professors don’t have special privacy rights

Moderating what professor information students can and cannot look up is an impossible standard to uphold. Let me put my on my old-man cap for a minute and yearn for the way things used to be. If you ask me, we have access to entirely too much information nowadays. You can play a thousand faux-inspirational […]

Curran Scott hits a leaner against Temple. Photo by Dalton Stewart

Heartbreak for the Hurricane in AAC Tourney

The Golden Hurricane finished the regular season strong, but lost in the American conference quarterfinals to a Memphis buzzer beater. With the fourth seed and a first-round bye already secured for the conference tournament, the University of Tulsa men’s basketball game didn’t need to win on Sunday against Temple. But on the last home game […]

The Bleacher Creature

Spread the Love It can be easy to forget that professional athletes are actual human beings. They are larger-than-life figures (literally) who perform such incredible feats with their bodies that we tend to mythologize them. To many observers, they might as well be characters in a play acting out their lives in an alternate reality, […]

Jaleel Wheeler, Corey Henderson and Junior Etou were honored during Senior Night at Sunday’s game against Temple. Photo by Dalton Stewart

Bearcats survive Hurricane, break streak

The Tulsa men’s basketball team had its winning streak halted at six games by Cincinnati, but clinched the fourth seed with a win at ECU. Riding their second-longest winning streak of the Frank Haith era, TU stormed into Cincinnati prepared for its toughest game of the season. A win would mean clinching the fourth seed […]

The Bleacher Creature

NFL drops, erm, catches the ball You know what I’ve heard from every Cowboys fan I know over the past three years? “Man, if the NFL would just admit they were wrong about the overturned Dez Bryant catch against the Packers, I wouldn’t even be mad about it anymore.” And of course by every Cowboys […]

At the state-level, bureaucracy and incompetency can act as obstacles to achieving a higher water quality. Courtesy flickr

Oklahoma’s water quality among lowest in nation

A recent study revealed Oklahoma and Texas as hotbeds for violations of federal clean drinking water regulations. As if Oklahoma didn’t have enough problems on its plate, it will now have to add potentially unclean water to the menu. A study published last month from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences tracked violations […]