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So long Lob City Has anybody checked on Clippers fans lately? Do we know if they’re doing all right? Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if they just ceased to exist altogether, either from jumping ship to the Lakers, quitting basketball altogether or spontaneously combusting from all the rage of decades of pent-up misery. Last week, […]

Stepping: a tradition that belongs to everyone

University of Tennessee-Chattanooga made the wrong call in not allowing white Greek organizations to participate in a tradition both white and black students had shared for decades. This past October, the administration of the University of Tennessee – Chattanooga caused an uproar amongst the student body after it canceled one of the most popular events […]

HOF voters get it wrong again

Four players gained entry, but two of the best ever once again fell short, while another deserving candidate fell off the ballot entirely. Another year, another criminal exclusion from the Hall of Fame for Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens. Last week, the Baseball Writers’ Association of America released the official election results for the class […]

The Bleacher Creature

If it ain’t broke, fix it Not sure how crazy I am about that mini headline, because the NBA All-Star Game most definitely needs to be fixed. But you know what nobody has ever said, ever? “Man, this thing would be so much better if the players were all mixed up instead of on teams […]

You’re damn right, Jeffries did in fact throw it down. Photo by Dalton Stewart

Tigers caught in storm, Owls escape

After yet another demoralizing loss against Temple dropped Tulsa below .500 in conference play, DaQuan Jeffries put the Golden Hurricane on his back to snap the team’s four game losing streak. Coming off a heartbreaking loss to Wichita State, the Golden Hurricane traveled to Philadelphia hoping to get their season back on track against the […]

The Bleacher Creature

Anybody want some tea? You gotta love it when one of your hometown teams has a controversy that gets picked up by the media. It makes you feel like a supremely qualified expert even though you’re probably not any closer to the situation than that armchair GM from the other side of the country who […]

The University of Tulsa participated in a march and community service on MLK Day in a voluntary show of solidarity. Courtesy University of Tulsa

MLK Day deserves more recognition

TU, and most of America, treated MLK day as part of an extended weekend instead of reflecting on America’s racist history or helping their communities. There are few people in American history more deserving of a national holiday than Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Through his resounding message of nonviolence and unity, Dr. King became […]

The Bleacher Creature

New Year, Same Lavar Last week, the bombastic Professional Dad made waves when he declared to the national media that head coach Luke Walton had lost the respect of the Lakers’ locker room. Fake news sites like ESPN ran with this buffoon’s opinion as if it was fact and posited that it might just be […]