Clinton has less widespread support among Democrats than she did in 2016. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Point Counterpoint: Clinton is right, Gabbard has made herself a friend of Russia

Clinton has little to gain by making the claim that Gabbard is a Russian asset. Long before the 2016 presidential election, people have hated Hillary Clinton. It’s hard to say where exactly it started, some people surely didn’t like her as a First Lady, and the whole Clinton family had its popularity plummet during the […]

Hex House disclaims that actors are allowed to, and will, touch visitors during their experiences. courtesy Hex House

Tulsa’s haunted houses offer scares and thrills

Castle of Muskogee and Hex House each offer unique and eclectic experiences to thrill-seeking Tulsans. There are many options in Oklahoma for the adrenaline seekers who love Halloween. My personal favorite would have to be the Castle of Muskogee. The Castle is truly an experience like none other. It’s a Halloween festival that spreads across […]

Easily explain your Dionsyus costume by carrying around an ancient vase featuring him. courtesy Wikipedia

Last minute DIY costumes The Collegian: 15

Halloween’s just around the corner! Need an easy costume? Keep on reading! Everyone loves Do It Yourself pages on the internet, especially when it’s almost Halloween and it’s a scramble for some last minute costumes. The problem is, the writers of those DIY Halloween costume pages seem to think the average American is a MacGyver-level […]

Here are some spoopy horrorscopes for your pagan pleasure. Enjoy! Aries – Werewolf – Have a crazy ex-boyfriend who follows you everywhere? Try this simple solution! Become a werewolf. He won’t recognize you, and it’s a fun way to spice up your sex life because your new boyfriend is very much a furry, but didn’t […]

Major changes to ACT grants freedom to retake sections

It’s too soon to tell how the changes to this standardized college admissions test will impact universities, including TU. The most taken standardized college admissions test in Oklahoma will be allowing students to “superscore” the sections to make a higher overall score. The ACT standardized test is well-known to many high school students as what […]

Keylon Stokes fends off an oncoming Tiger. photos by James Taylor

TU loses homecoming to Memphis 42-41

Football journalist Hannah Robbins covers Tulsa’s close loss to the Tigers after a missed field goal in the last seconds of Saturday’s game. Tulsa came into homecoming on a three game losing streak, and right from the start, it seemed that the Golden Hurricane would continue that streak. However, plenty of mistakes by Memphis caused […]

Wentz is losing favor with fans at an alarming rate. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Eagles fans burn Wentz’s jersey … why?

Student journalist Lindsey Prather covers the drama of Philadelphia NFL fans burning their own starting quarterback’s jersey for percieved underperformance. In April 2019, baseball legend Alex Rodriquez drew the ire of sports fans when he lauded the tenacity of Philadelphia over Washington D.C. as one of the best sports cities in the United States. ”Now […]

Royals right in suing tabloid after quote altering

The privilege and position of Harry and Meghan does not alter their right to privacy. The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, and her husband Prince Harry have formally leveled a lawsuit at The Daily Mail and General Trust, the foundation behind The Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday. Whether you see them as asking […]

Museum of the Bible involved in smuggling scandal

The evangelical Green family, founders of Hobby Lobby, are reported to have illegally purchased Egyptian papyrus and parchment. When I was a young child, I was enamored with the idea of archeology. Of course, the archeologists I had in mind were more Indiana Jones than Jesse Fewkes, the guy that supervised the excavation of Mesa […]