Wentz is losing favor with fans at an alarming rate. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Eagles fans burn Wentz’s jersey … why?

Student journalist Lindsey Prather covers the drama of Philadelphia NFL fans burning their own starting quarterback’s jersey for percieved underperformance. In April 2019, baseball legend Alex Rodriquez drew the ire of sports fans when he lauded the tenacity of Philadelphia over Washington D.C. as one of the best sports cities in the United States. ”Now […]

The U.S. withdrawal leaves the Kurds alone to face Turkey. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Our abandonment of Kurds will ruin future negotiations

Trump’s announcement has left the Kurdish people to face an invasion from Turkish forces. President Trump announced this week that American troops would be pulled back from the Syrian conflict in order to allow the Turkish military to wipe out a perceived Kurdish threat. This marks an ill-advised and blatant abandonment of the Kurds, longtime […]

Year of backup QBs

A phenomenon is developing in pro football where second string nobodies are putting up promising performances. Nick Foles led the Philadelphia Eagles to a Super Bowl and directly contributed to their eventual Super Bowl victory over the New England Patriots. But Foles was never supposed to be the best quarterback in the league; in fact, […]

All of Trump’s interactions with Zelensky are under scrutiny. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Whistleblower, coverup Trump’s biggest obstacles

As GOP support seems weaker than in scandals past, impeachment is not a far-fetched possibility. President Trump has been the subject of increasing scrutiny over the last several days, as accusations regarding unethical behavior in the White House have started to gain more traction. This scandal is already proving to be unlike the others that […]

Antonio Brown claims that he is done with the NFL courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Antonio Brown accused of sexual assault

NFL journalist Lindsey Prather gives an update on the mounting allegations against the infamously problematic wide receiver. Throughout the past several months, former Pittsburgh Steeler Antonio Brown has been mired in controversy. Following his trade to the Oakland Raiders, multiple off-the-field issues arose ranging from frostbite from a cryotherapy mishap to his refusal to play […]

Drew Brees apologizes on Twitter. courtesy Drew Brees’s Twitter

Drew Brees adresses homophobia controversy

NFL journalist Lindsey Prather sorts out the controversy surrounding the New Orleans quarterback regarding his affiliation with anti-LGBTQ Focus on Family. Two weeks ago, the religious group “Focus on the Family” released a video promoting their “Bring your Bible to School Day,” featuring New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees. In the 30-second video clip, Brees […]

Luck is escorted off the field amidst booing fans. courtesy Newsweek

UnLucky times for Indianapolis

NFL journalist Lindsey Prather discusses the factors leading up to quarterback Andrew Luck’s surprise retirement, and what it means for the Colts. On Aug. 24, the NFL commu-nity was rocked to its very core. Indianapolis Colts starting quarterback Andrew Luck announced his retirement after only seven seasons, sending shockwaves throughout the NFL community. In an […]

Frederiksen is the leader of Denmark’s Social Democractic Party. courtesy Flickr

Greenland out of Trump’s reach, not America’s

Greenland would be a financial loss as well as a political conundrum that the US isn’t ready for. According to a story released by the Wall Street Journal on Aug. 16, President Trump has inquired about potentially purchasing Greenland from Denmark. Following this story, Trump administration officials were forced to either double down or dismiss […]

TU student shared racist and homophobic messages

Former statewide Chair of College Republicans Sheridan Nolen posted offensive memes, inciting controversy among party figures. On March 7, the OU student newspaper, OU Daily, leaked multiple screenshots from the OU College Republicans GroupMe that contained explicitly racist, homophobic and otherwise insensitive content. The president of OU College Republicans, Luke Harshaw, was present in a […]

Yiannopoulos was at one point scheduled to speak at CPAC. courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Milo Yiannopoulos tries, fails to book talk at TU

Yiannopoulos has gone from conservative upstart to a fringe figure of the alt-right. On April 4, controversial alt-right figure Milo Yiannopoulos posted on Facebook: “GREAT NEWS! Will shortly be speaking at The University of Tulsa. Details soon… That’s two golden hurricanes in your town.” The next day, Yiannopoulos posted something similar referencing a speaking engagement […]