Top Ten Things

1. Love Love is central to the human experience. Some might even say that it is the meaning of life. The love of family and friends has helped many people through tough times, and finding that special someone can be the highlight of a person’s life. Of course, not everyone has this experience. In fact, […]

Frat boys object to use of word “frat” in everyday speech

Fraternities are an integral part of campus life. There are 75 national and international fraternities with 397,000 members nationwide. Over 800 college campuses participate in Greek life, 85 percent of Fortune 500 company executives are part of a fraternity, and since the founding of the first social fraternity, every United States President and Vice President […]

President Upham reveals death ray to cheering crowd

It’s that time of year again. On Nov. 18 President and Mrs. Upham once again invited the community to participate in the annual tradition of Night Light at TU, that wonderful tradition of warm drinks and carols to our benevolent leader and his many weapons of mass destruction. The New U was packed with students […]

Drunk uncle solves all of humanity’s problems, passes out

This Thanksgiving break many domestic students returned home to face a week of food, drink and, unfortunately, family. The Thanksgiving feast is a time-honored American tradition, often accompanied with heavy drinking—a tradition one family’s uncle was not going to break. India Gallopavo, a TU student who returned home for the holidays, reported on the drunken […]

Merry Christmas and a futile New Year

The Christmas season, whether you like it or not, is upon us now. It’s time to be cheerful and insist that everyone else have a Merry Christmas, God damn it. It’s time to remind ourselves and everyone else of our material wealth by giving them plastic-wrapped products that prove it. But it’s also time to […]

Glow on the Green rings in the holiday season

The 3rd Annual Glow on the Green Evening Market and Holiday Extravaganza took place on Sunday, Nov. 30 at the Guthrie Green urban park in downtown Tulsa. The event lasted from three until seven, beginning with live holiday music performed by the Council Oak Men’s Chorale. A holiday market ran throughout the night, with local […]

“Objective” game review: Bayonetta 2 uses buttons and control sticks to perform actions

“Bayonetta 2” is a videographic computer game for the Nintendo Wii U entertainment console. Though released by Platinum Games only two months ago, it has already garnered a moderate amount of controversy for alleged sexist imagery of its characters. In light of such controversy, it becomes necessary to analyze the merits of “Bayonetta 2” in […]

Stead lights up Chapman Commons

Night Light is an event at the University of Tulsa where on one evening all the lights surrounding the Chapman Commons are turned on to kick off the holiday season. The President of the University, Steadman Upham, invited the University of Tulsa and the Tulsa communities to the third annual Night Light at TU on […]

Music Review

Jazz concert had great range Jazz singers and Big Band I started their December concert on Dec. 4 at 7:30 p.m. Solos introduced the singers, and Pam Prescott, with a voice fit for radio, began with “They Can’t Take That Away From Me.” Jevan Bremby came next with “One for My Baby” in a solid […]