“The Invisible War” expertly portrays the nauseating truths of military sexual assault

As a documentary, “The Invisible War” is spare. There is no voice over, no omnipresent narrator summarizing the action and guiding viewers to a conclusion. Just people speaking to a camera, going about their lives and telling their stories. Occasionally the film cuts to recorded news footage. “The Navy appears to be facing a huge […]

Midnight Grill only for the most adventurous

Late night food is a difficult proposition at the best of times. The only restaurants open late are typically unhealthy, and it can be difficult to find a place with good food, prompt delivery and reasonable prices. The Midnight Grill, the most perplexing restaurant I’ve ever encountered, has none of these desirable attributes. I first […]

TU Ten: Best Planets in the World

Listen, I might not be an astronomy major, but I watched the shit out of “The Magic School Bus” when I was a kid, so I think I know what I’m talking about. Anyway, here are the ten best planets in the world. 1] Venus: If I remember right, Venus was the Greek Goddess of […]

“What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World” offers relatable side to The Decemberists

The Decemberists are known for creating a unique sound through combining the rock, folk and indie genres and pairing disjointed ballads of dark and apocalyptic stories with upbeat blended melodies. It’s had been four years since their last album, but their recently released “What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World” is consistent with their […]

Plesiosaur erotica makes a splash

critical pieces to say that something is not what it seems at first glance. However, if ever this statement is true, it is true for “Dino Park After Dark,” a twenty page novella written by Christie Sims and Alara Branwen. The surface narrative of “Dino Park” concerns Maria, an employee of the Dino Park. After […]

Gronkowski erotica leaves readers unsatisfied

“A Gronking to Remember” is the first installment of the Rob Gronkowski Erotica Series by Lacey Noonan. It is a story about sexual discovery, the hardships of marriage , and of course the professional American Football player Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski. The protagonist is an unnamed, domestic housewife who finds herself very unsatisfied with her husband, […]

Obama looks to his legacy in SOTU

There were a lot of head-scratchers in Tuesday’s State of the Union. First, the address carried little in the way of surprises for anyone who’s been keeping tabs on the news. This was not because Obama did not propose anything exciting. Rather, it was because Obama had announced all of his truly interesting talking points—free […]

Congress should pass Obama’s tax plan

Three hundred and twenty billion dollars could be coming to you, middle class citizens. At least, that’s how much revenue it has been projected that Obama’s proposed tax changes will bring over the next ten years. His plan? To make the tax code more fair and less complicated. Loopholes that for years have been benefiting […]

OK & NE sue CO over marijuana on doobie-us

Last month, Scott Pruitt and Jon Bruning, respective attorneys general of Oklahoma and Nebraska, filed a lawsuit against Colorado because of that state’s legalization of marijuana in 2012. Their claim is that the legalization creates a public nuisance in that it has a spillover effect on bordering states. For example, bordering states are having to […]