Tide launches adult-proof packaging

With written and verbal warnings not being an adequate deterrent for curious nibblers, Tide Pods now test mental fitness before use. In response to multiple injuries and deaths associated with people attempting to eat their Tide Pods product for reasons ranging from satiating a primal urge to gaining internet fame, Procter & Gamble has now […]

Photo of the calculator after Felt installed some of his upgrades. Graphic by Madeline Woods

1893 calculator runs DOOM (1993)

TU CS major Anthony Felt spent all of last finals week modifying an old mechanical calculator to run everyone’s favorite classic game. Local TU sophomore Anthony Felt, who had previously installed “DOOM” on an electric tea kettle, has recently made headlines by getting a calculator from 1893 to run “DOOM.” Witnesses say that they noticed […]

Trump’s tax plan puts athletic departments in tough spot

According to Tulsa’s athletic director, the impact of the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” on college athletic departments is yet to be determined. It’s no wonder President Trump’s Tax Cuts and Job Act is seeing unprecedented disapproval ratings. America’s favorite sport, college football, receives a devastating blow from the legislation. Amongst a vast array of […]

In the wake of Tyler Hilinski’s tragic death

In the wake of Tyler Hilinski’s tragic death, to anyone struggling with depression or feelings of suicide: you are not alone and help is out there. Tyler Hilinski was the Washington State backup quarterback who impressed coaches during his time as a redshirt sophomore. He came off the bench during the second week of the […]

You’re damn right, Jeffries did in fact throw it down. Photo by Dalton Stewart

Tigers caught in storm, Owls escape

After yet another demoralizing loss against Temple dropped Tulsa below .500 in conference play, DaQuan Jeffries put the Golden Hurricane on his back to snap the team’s four game losing streak. Coming off a heartbreaking loss to Wichita State, the Golden Hurricane traveled to Philadelphia hoping to get their season back on track against the […]

The Bleacher Creature

Anybody want some tea? You gotta love it when one of your hometown teams has a controversy that gets picked up by the media. It makes you feel like a supremely qualified expert even though you’re probably not any closer to the situation than that armchair GM from the other side of the country who […]

Buildings with all-gender restrooms are numbered and labeled in dark grey. Courtesy University of Tulsa

TU adds all-gender bathrooms

TU’s dean of students, Mike Mills, called the changes a way to proactively support students. Recently, TU students may have noticed the campus has 18 all-gender bathrooms located in a variety of spots to ease use. Mike Mills, the associate vice president for enrollment and student services and dean of students, was part of the […]

Cox cable, CaneFlix provided to students

TU’s entertainment services, Cox cable and CaneFlix, are part of the university’s efforts to provide a good quality of life to on-campus students, but the usage of these services remains somewhat unknown. For those who live on campus, the small Cox cable boxes can be a nuisance or a tool. The boxes are part of […]

Waste, energy, plastics focus of sustainability club

TU’s student-led club for sustainability creates new committees for the new year, which will formulate ideas and bring them to the faculty and staff to implement. Students interested in improving TU’s commitment to the environment can join Students 4 Sustainability, which met last Wednesday. The club primarily focuses on waste management, plastics and energy ideas, […]