As CEO of Tesla, Musk’s public and private actions garner a significant amount of media attention. courtesy Wikimedia

Elon Musk prioritizes business, not politics

The CEO epitomizes the American people’s desire for public figures to be perfect, both politically and personally. Over the summer, entrepreneur and investor Elon Musk has captured the attention of Wall Street for less than enviable reasons. The renowned and undeniably brilliant CEO of three successful companies in SpaceX, Tesla and The Boring Company made […]

Experts disagree on who will win this year’s Premier League

While predictions seem easier now that the world’s most formidable league is in full swing, Chris Lierly and Andrew Noland came to the rational conclusion that getting paid was better for posterity. Chris: 1. Liverpool FC So this is anything but objective, but Liverpool will win the League because of the most dominant attack in […]

Over the last few decades, union membership has dropped considerably while anti-union rhetoric has sky-rocketed. Graphic by Conner Maggio

Labor Day part of larger historical tapestry

Labor Day is the result of decades of union work, but the history of the holiday goes underappreciated in modern politics. Last Monday, we celebrated a day off before our third week of classes. However, most of us have never really paused to consider the day we are supposed to use to allegedly honor labor. […]

Only one star in City of Lights

Student writer Andrew Noland predicts how star Mbappe will bring about the end of the Neymar era in Paris. A dark cloud looms over Parc des Princes. On the pitch, nothing could be simpler: Mbappe and Neymar are dominating in tandem as they lead the Parisians in their quest to defend their Ligue 1 title. […]

College football playoff predictions

Student writer Andrew Noland gives a comprehensive look into this year’s playoffs. Another season, another flawed method of picking our college football champion. Rather than delve into a rant on that (give me a couple of weeks), I’ll instead devote these lines to picking the top four teams that will contend for the championship in […]

Ronaldo eats Mbappe's energy as Greivious struts around. graphic by Conner Maggio

Professional sports crystal ball, September edition

Student writers Andrew Noland and Chris Lierly, Sports Editor Brennen Gray and Editor-in-Chief Justin Guglielmetti give their predictions for the coming months in professional sports. NHL Season Kicks Off with a Bang Holy zamboni, it’s almost hockey season! I know most sports fans in Oklahoma don’t really keep up with the slipperiest sport this side […]

The death of former presidential candidate John McCain has sparked political debate over the validity of his political contributions. courtesy Wikimedia

Politicizing death not a substitute for action

Using the deaths of public figures as political commentary distracts from personal political responsibility. In this past week, the deaths of two individuals from very different places have dominated headlines and social media. The first was Republican Arizona senator and two-time presidential candidate John McCain to a battle with brain cancer on August 25, marking […]